How to Lock Sliding Patio Doors

How to Lock Sliding Patio Doors

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It’s lovely to have some patio doors leading out to your garden, they are stylish and let in light to your home. However, patio doors can also let in some unwanted attention and visitors. They can be difficult to secure and can cause some security risks to your home.

We will go through the ways you can secure your patio doors, while still enjoying them.


How to Lock a Patio Sliding Door

There are many ways to lock and secure your patio sliding door. No matter what you use your patio doors for; the view, to enjoy outdoor living or just ease of access, there is a security product that will suit you and your home.

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Utilise Your Patio Door Lock

Most, if not all patio doors should come with a lock which are your first line of defence when securing your patio doors. You’re likely to have either a multipoint locking system or a key operated security bolt fitted as standard and should always be used to lock a patio sliding door.


Install a Secondary Lock

Installing a secondary lock is the best way to not only lock a patio door but also to help secure it. Most secondary patio door locks can be fitted to the top or bottom where the stationary glass meets the sliding door glass. The benefit of this placement is that it restricts the movement of the door helping to secure it if someone tried to force it open, but also allows you the option to have the door open slightly to have some sort of ventilation. When installed to the top of the frame you also get the added benefit that it keeps the locks out of reach from small children.

Sliding door locks are a little complicated to install, you will need to be confident to drill pilot holes. It might be the case that you need to call in a professional locksmith to make sure they are installed correctly. They are a popular choice as they are subtle and mean that you can still enjoy the view and the natural light that comes from your patio doors.


Invest in Patio Security Bars

One of the best ways to lock your patio sliding door is to use a security bar. These are metal bars that sit in the track of your sliding door, which keep it from sliding. There are different varieties of these, one of which is held in place with pressure. There are normally covers on each end of the bar to protect your door from damage. However, you can get some security bars that are mounted with screws on at least one end, (often named Charley Bars) which means the bar can swing in and out easily. These might be better for you if you have children, as the unsecured security bars can be removed more easily if fiddled with.


How to Secure Your Patio Doors

1.      Cover Your Patio Doors

The majority of people get patio doors because of the natural light and views of their garden. However, a burglar’s view looking inwards will be vast and make it easy to spot anything that worth stealing. The fact that most patio sliding doors are placed in the back garden, means that a burglar will have privacy to case your house without been spotted.

One way to solve this issue, is to cover your patio sliding doors. You can have long, vertical blinds, which are popular because of the ease of opening and closing them when needed. These do tend to break easily and if you have small children, can pose a danger. You always have the option of using panels and shutters, although these can be on the more expensive side.

If you really don’t want to cover your view or think that blinds will cause an issue with your lifestyle, then you could have decorative window film put on. There is a vast range of options with this, but the main positive is that you can still have the natural light come in and enjoy your view. But they stop your house being visible from the outside.

You can also restrict burglars getting into your back garden by improving your garden fence security.


2.      Use Door Sensors

As an alternative solution to a physical barrier to secure your patio door, you can invest in a Door sensor. While they are less effective at stopping someone getting in, they will alert you to the presence. One part of the door sensor sits on the patio door frame while the other on the sliding part of the door. Once the alarm is set, if the patio door is opened an alarm will sounds, this should not only alert you or neighbours to an unwanted presence, but also hopefully scare of any intruders. Another bonus of a door sensor is that they are small and discreet, they wont ruin the view that your patio doors provide you.

More modern versions of these are now smart and can connect to an app on your phone, which mean you will get an alert when your patio doors are opened. They can be used individually or as part of a wider smart home security system. To learn more about smart home security systems, check out our home security page.