Locked Out

Locked Out?

Nobody ever plans to get locked out of their house. It can be an incredibly stressful situation, so what can you do?

If you’ve not given any family members or friends a spare key, then you will need to call an emergency Locksmith. If you do find yourself locked out of your house, it can feel like an emergency situation. You won’t want to waste time researching who is the best Locksmith in your area. This is where Keytek® Locksmiths come in. All of our local Locksmiths are fully trained and police checked, meaning you will have the peace of mind that you are using someone credible.

Once you call Keytek® and tell us you have locked yourself out of your house, we will class the situation as ‘emergency’ therefore we will do everything within our power to get a Locksmith to you in 30 minutes*. All you will need to do is give us some details over the phone about how you have locked yourself out, where you are and your door type so we make sure that the Locksmith can be informed of your situation and get you in your home as soon as possible.

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Left Your Keys Inside Your House?

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It’s frustrating, but it happens. Especially if you have a door that locks automatically when shut, this is most common on a Yale type lock on a wooden door or a night latch. Locking yourself out this way often happens when you’ve just popped out to take the bins out or get something from the car and you’ve not picked up your keys.

It’s actually one of the best ways to lock yourself out, because in most cases, the Locksmith can gain entry non-destructively by picking your lock. This means no damage and no replacement lock needed.

If you frequently loose your keys or lock them inside the house take a look at our blog on smart locks and smart doorbells which don’t require keys to lock or unlock the front door!


You’ve lost your Keys?

It may be the case that you have come home only to realise that you’ve lost your keys. If you are 100% sure that your keys have been lost and not stolen, then you need to call a Keytek® emergency Locksmith. If your keys are lost, we would recommend that you replace the locks, as your security could be compromised. The Locksmith would gain entry into your home and then replace you lock for you, all in one job.

If you were to decide not to get your lock changed then the Locksmith should be able to gain entry to your home without damaging your current lock. To find out more about what to do if your keys are lost, take a look at our Lost Keys Page.


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Stolen Keys?

Having your keys stolen can be upsetting and stressful, especially if it leaves you locked out of the house. You will need to inform the police if you fear your keys have been stolen, it’s important to describe any features of your key or keyring that could help identify them if found.

You will also need a Locksmith to replace your locks. This is incredibly important to do if your keys have been stolen, as you now don’t know who has access to your home. By not having your locks changed in the event of a theft, you could be invalidating your home insurance.

You may also need to think about what other keys has gone missing with your house keys; car key, work key or maybe a neighbour’s spare key. You will need to inform anyone that will be affected by your keys going missing, as they may need to update their security measures.


Broken Lock?

Sometimes you may find yourself locked out because the lock itself has failed or is broken. Locks that are on the exterior of a property can be affected by adverse weather conditions, such as very low or very high temperatures. They could also be jammed with dirt or the small internal components have worn out over time. If this is the case one of our local Locksmiths will aim to fix the lock without having to replace it. However if the lock is beyond fixing then one of our Locksmith should be able to replace it for you then and there.

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The Key has Broken Inside the Lock?

If your key snaps inside your lock, you may think all is lost, however don’t despair! A Keytek® Locksmith may be able to extract the broken key without damaging the lock. The most important thing to remember is that you should not try and extract the key yourself; this could cause further damage and make the lock irreparable. If the Locksmith cannot extract the key without damaging your lock then they should be able to replace your lock then and there.


What if you’re Renting?

If you find yourself locked out of your rented property then 9 times out of 10, it’s something your landlord or letting agent needs to take responsibility for. You should call your landlord and ask for them to arrange a Locksmith that they approve of to come to the property to complete the job. In the majority of cases the landlord will cover the cost of the work. Even if you are unsure of who should take responsibility of hiring a Locksmith and changing the locks, you should always consult with your landlord first, as if you do not you could be in breach of your tenancy agreement.

If you find yourself locked out at a time that you cannot get in touch with your landlord then they best thing to do is call your landlords out of hour’s number and if no one answers, leave them a message explaining the situation. Then you need to call an emergency Locksmith such a Keytek® to get someone to you as soon as possible.


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What should you NOT do?

Do not call 999

Unless you or someone else is in immediate danger, you should NOT call the emergency services. The London fire brigade reported that between 2010-2015 they spent a whopping £9.5 million on ‘locked out’ calls. It’s been estimated that they receive 16 calls a day that relate to locked in/ locked out situations, however when they arrive on site, they are not considered emergencies. It costs on average £350 for the Fire Brigade to attend one of these calls. The advice from the fire service states;

“If there is a risk of a fire, it’s a real emergency, or you can’t get to a young child inside, then we will come and help. But ringing just because you don’t want to pay for a Locksmith is not good enough.”

Do NOT try to fix it yourself

You should also not try and fix the problem yourself as this could make the situation worse. If you have not damaged the lock, then trying to open the door yourself could cause you to do so. That means having to spend more money getting it fixed! If you do manage to open the door yourself, the techniques you use to open your door may invalidate your insurance, as you may have compromised the internal mechanisms of the lock, or weakened the door itself. It’s always best to engage the services of a professional Locksmith so you can be sure the work is done to a high standard and you are truly secure.

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Do NOT put yourself in danger

Once you discover you’ve locked yourself out, it’s only natural to want to try and find a way in. It would be very tempting to try to climb to an open window on the first floor of your home or try to squeeze through a dog flap, however you should NOT. It’s not worth risking your life or risk sustaining an injury to save money on getting a Locksmith. The same goes with smashing a window, not only could it cost you more to get the window fixed, you also risk hurting yourself and others.


Tips to Prevent further Lock Outs

When you’ve locked yourself out once, you are unlikely to want to do it again! So here are some tips to stop you from finding yourself in the same situation.

  • Give a spare key to trusted family and friends, try to find those who live relatively close, so they don’t mind swinging by to give you a key. A neighbour is best, if you have a good relationship with them.


  • You may want to consider buying a key safe. You can safely store spare keys, that way if you do need a copy; you just need to know the code.


  • Get into the habit of making sure you have your keys, even if you are just popping out to the bins. Especially if you have a door that locks automatically behind you. If you find yourself getting locked out frequently because of the door locking automatically, you may want to consider changing your door type.


  • Try to keep an eye on your keys when out and about. Do not leave your bag unattended at any point, as your keys could be stolen.


  • If you notice your key and lock are getting sticky or hard to work, then you should call a Locksmith, it’s always better to get a head of the problem. It will be less stressful to arrange a time for a Locksmith to come and take look, rather than calling in an emergency when the lock finally does give up.


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