uPVC security advice from Sue Hill on This Morning’s Crime File

As you may have already seen on ITV’s ‘This Morning’ today ex–burglar Michael Fraser who you may remember from BBC television programme ‘Beat the Burglar’ demonstrated that he was able to snap a Euro Profile cylinder in just four seconds!


(Please view the above video at 03:30)

In this blog post Craig, the Technical Manager at Keytek® gives his own advice, tips and information in regards to what security risks this video has highlighted…

This week’s ‘Sue Hill’s Crime File’ on ‘This Morning’ highlights a design flaw in Euro Profile cylinders. It basically shows how a Euro Profile cylinder can be removed from the door and how the lock case can be manipulated therefore allowing an intruder to gain entry to a property. In fact it is not a new problem and it doesn’t just apply to uPVC doors only.

Any style of door that has a Euro Profile cylinder fitted to it could be at risk. The information contained in the video is accurate to a degree and having a BS Kitemarked cylinder will offer more resistance to this type of attack, but as with any product, they are manufactured to different price points and vary in levels of quality.

When choosing a Euro cylinder please bear in mind that having the Kitemark is the MINIMUM standard you should have but there are other higher security alternatives such as the TS007 3 star rating accreditation.

When having a new Euro cylinder or any other type of lock replaced we always recommend that you contact a locksmith who can carry out a full home security and insurance compliance check as part of the service and recommend a quality product that conforms to all of the relevant standards for your insurance and yourpeace of mind.

Local Keytek Locksmith gaining non-destructive entry on a uPVC door
Local Keytek® Locksmith gaining non-destructive entry on a uPVC door


(Technical Manager at Keytek®


Setting standards for the industry through Locksmith Training…

For over four years now Keytek® Emergency Locksmiths have been running a Locksmith Training Academy in Poole, Dorset to help set the standards for the locksmithing industry and provide support for it’s nationwide customer base.

Keytek Locksmith Training Academy facilities
Keytek® Locksmith Training Academy facilities


The initial goal of the Locksmith Academy is to offer those wishing to join the industry a gateway to a career as a professional locksmith through its locksmith courses. It is in fact the only training provider in the country that is able to provide a Level 4 Accreditation, which is the highest level of Accreditation within the industry. The Academy is not only aimed at new comers to the industry but also aims to help industry professionals enhance their skills in the latest techniques and technology. All of the courses are run at the Academy’s comfortable, state of the art facilities and are taught by highly experienced industry professionals.

Student training at the Keytek Locksmith Training Academy
Student training at the Keytek® Locksmith Training Academy


Locksmith training in action
Locksmith training in action


Find out more about the courses run at the Academy by visiting www.locksmiths-training.co.uk or calling 01202 711 195


Those who have trained through the Keytek® Academy are able to benefit from further help and support from Keytek®.

These benefits include…


  • Ongoing 24hr onsite technical help from the in-house Technical Department.


  • Discounted stock and tools.


  • Full stock ordering facilities.


Military Leavers

For Military leavers locksmith courses have always been increasingly popular particularly because it is so well suited to the characteristics required to be a successful locksmith and the ability to carry out skilled manual work. Next week’s blog post in the locksmith training series will be going into more detail about locksmith training for Armed Forces Leavers.


To ease the transition for Military leavers in their resettlement period the government are able to provide funding through Enhanced Learning Credits (ELC).

To find out more about using ELC funding towards a locksmith course at the Keytek® Locksmith Training Academy please visit www.locksmiths-training.co.uk/elc-funding.

One third of all recorded burglaries are against businesses

One third of all recorded burglaries are against businesses

Did you know that one third of all recorded burglaries in all London Boroughs are against businesses?

In the UK alone there were around 214,000 incidents of burglary, including attempts, against businesses; these incidents were across four sectors, which included wholesale and retail, manufacturing, transportation and storage and accommodation and food. In terms of what items were stolen in 38% of cases it was reported that goods and stock were the most common.


The most common way in which entry was gained by a burglar was through either a wooden or glass door – 36% of businesses, therefore it is very important to maintain and upgrade your office security, especially on a regular basis. The security of any office can be maintained through a 24 hour locksmith, all a business has to do is sign up as a Commercial Business Account to a National Locksmiths who will be able to fulfill all of your business security needs.

Many locksmiths will recommend a Master Key Suite for offices who wish to restrict the access of certain areas of the office i.e. stopping a customer or client from accessing certain areas of the office such as the Managing Directors office; therefore only authorised staff members with keys will be able to access certain areas. Companies such as Avocet are able to offer a Zone Control ABS Master Key Suiting, the supplier are then able to fully manage both the key registering and cutting for the client – therefore providing and ensuring maximum security.

As well as providing locksmith services to domestic customer, Keytek® also provide a range of locksmith services for commercial/business customers. As a national company ourselves we are able to offer full ‘Nationwide’ coverage to all of our customers, these locksmith services include a number of benefits that other companies do not incorporate into their operations. Currently we service a large portfolio of National companies; these include Ministry of Defence, Lidl, Safestore and Debenhams.

To find out more about the locksmith services for commercial businesses provided by Keytek® please visit keytek.co.uk/locksmith-for-business/.

All statistics provided in this blog post are from the Home Office (2012).

Glastonbury Bike Ride 2013

On Sunday 29th September members of the Keytek® Emergency Locksmith cycle team took part in the ‘Glastonbury Bike Ride2013’ in aid of the British Heart Foundation.  So far the team have managed to raise over £2,250, which is a fantastic achievement.

Keytek locksmiths take part in the Glastonbury Bike Ride 2013
Keytek locksmiths take part in the Glastonbury Bike Ride 2013

Those who participated had the choice of taking part in a steady 27.5 mile route or a more challenging 50 mile route alongside picturesque Somerset countryside which included the famous Glastonbury Tor. Although there were some bumps on the road which included Technical Director, Chris who seemed to not have the odds in his favour (we will go into more detail later on) and poor Andy, Technical Supervisor at Keytek®, who hurt his knee! Not to worry because the team had the support of Marketing Manager Kim’s lovely mum, Valerie, who supplied plenty of refreshments which included scrumptious sausage rolls and her moral support to the team.  Unfortunately for the cycle team the route finished on a rather steep hill, as described by Kim: “You could ski off it!” but they all managed to complete the route and some celebrated with a well deserved cider on the way home!

The day for some (Chris) began on a rocky start, unfortunately the odds did not seem to be in Chris’ favour due to a power cut that morning and therefore he was unable to get any of his kit for the 50 mile cycle because his garage door is electronic, this included a fundamental item… his bike! Although he did manage to borrow a bike from another staff member unfortunately it had a flat tyre but he didn’t give up! He replaced the flat tyre and proceeded to the meeting point in Glastonbury, Somerset. Disaster struck again – as soon as Chris arrived and tried on a borrowed pair of cycle shoes he realised they were two sizes two small but instead of giving up, he carried on and not only did he complete the 50 mile cycle challenge – he did whilst in pain! Just to finish off the day he then lost his keys and spent at least half an hour searching the entire van including it’s contents looking for them to find they were in his pockets after all! Despite the odds Chris managed to still take part and had a well deserved pint afterwards.

According to the British Heart Foundation, “collectively, heart and circulatory diseases cause more than a quarter of all deaths in the UK, accounting for more than 159,000 deaths each year.” All money raised in sponsorship by the Keytek® cycle team will help the British Heart Foundation to fund vital research into heart disease. To find out more about the British Heart Foundation and their fundraising events please visit www.bhf.org.uk.

Therefore everyone who took part in the ‘Glastonbury BikeRide 2013‘ deserves a huge congratulations and a pat on the back for their efforts on Sunday.