How To Turn Your Old Smart Phone into a Home Security Camera!

The majority of us will have some sort of unused smart phone lying around our house, there are many different ways you can utilise your old smart phone so that it doesn’t remain unused. One way to ‘recycle’ your old smart phone is relatively easy and can bring you peace of mind when you are away from home is to turn into a home security camera.
Below are the different methods for turning an Android or iOS smart phone into a home security camera…

How to turn your old Android phone into a home security camera?

How to turn your old smart phone into a home security camera
  1. Download the Home Security IPCamera App (Free) from the Google Play Store

  2. Follow the installation instructions on the Home Security IPCamera App

  3. Login to Trackview using the Home Security IPCamera App, you can login using your existing Gmail account user name and password.

  4. Set up your smart phone anywhere in your home you wish to monitor. Using the Home Security IP Camera App you can monitor, track or buzz using the smart phone you carry with you every day. You can also check the alert messages, record and playback your clips.

  5. The Home Security IPCamera App allows you to use more than one device so if you have more than one unused smart phone lying around, you could use the steps above to set it up as an additional home security camera (just make sure you use the same login for all the devices you wish to use).



How to turn your old iPhone into a home security camera?

  1. Download the Manything App (Free) from the App Store

  2. Follow the installation instructions on the Manything App

  3. Register your device

  4. Press record

  5. Login into to watch live, playback to any point in time and to create and share your clips from your desktop computer or the iPhone you use every day.

  6. The Manything App also allows you to connect to connect to any smarthome features you may have installed your home via the IFTTT channel.

Utilize your old smartphone for home security

Stay Secure at a Festival This Summer!

Stay secure at a festival this summer with our guide to festival security.

Did you know that one in seven festival goers have been a victim of theft at a festival?

As figures suggest, the risk of crime at a festival is relatively high and can be considerably costly for those who attend, with it being reported that an estimated £190,000 worth of possessions were stolen at seven of the UK’s biggest festivals.


  1. Take only the essentials

Try to take only the essentials to a festival. The fewer valuables you take the least likely are you to be a victim of theft.


  1. Register any valuables

If you do decide to take any valuables with you such as a smart phone or tablet make sure you register them so if the worse did happen it will help to make recovery easier. You can register any valuables for free by visiting


  1. Don’t leave any valuables in your vehicle

By leaving any valuables in your car you could be leaving yourself vulnerable to being a victim of theft as your car will be unattended for long periods of time whilst you enjoy the festival.


  1. Remove any suction marks from your windscreen

If you have used a sat nav to find the festival’s venue make sure you remove any suction marks from your windscreen as failure to do so could alert a thief that there may be valuables such as a sat nav stored inside your vehicle.


  1. Don’t bring large amounts of money

Don’t bring large amounts of money, expensive jewellery, watches or costume jewellery that appears to be of value.


  1. Use a site locker to store anything of value

If you do decide to bring any valuables to a festival don’t leave them in your tent or car instead use the site lockers to store them. These can usually be booked in advance and are open 24 hours a day.


  1. Mark any valuables

Any valuables you do take to a festival should be marked with your details using a UV pen.


  1. Extend your home insurance to include personal belongings

Home insurance provider Aviva advise extending your home and contents insurance to include personal belongings cover otherwise you may end up facing a bill of replacing lost or stolen items.

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