Home Gadgets That Rival Q From James Bond

To mark the launch of the new James Bond Film Spectre, we decided to cover some of the latest security and home gadgets which could rival some of Q’s quirky inventions.

James Bond Style Biometric Security Scanners

Security at airports can be more than a little tedious and time consuming. In a bid to speed up check in times at airports, recognition software will soon be introduced! – used to determine shifty behaviour even James Bond couldn’t hide from. By scanning body language and even facial expressions!

Floor Plan light Switches.

Keeping a light switched on when you’re out is always a great security deterrent. Taewon Hwang have created a fantastic idea of a master light switch panel that incorporates a simple design to tell you what lights are on and off. Never again waste electricity on lights that are turned on or leave your home without keeping a light on for security.

Floor Plan Light switch 2

Netatmo ‘Welcome’

Netatmo is at the cutting edge of home security with its home security camera with James Bond style facial recognition. The futuristic home security system recognises family members as they pass in front of the camera through its facial recognition technology. ‘Welcome’ sends the names of the people it sees straight to your Smartphone. It also alerts you when it sees a stranger.

netatmo welcome home security

First Alert Wifi Safe

The Wi-Fi safe from First Alert is Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled, allowing the safe to be locked and unlocked directly from your phone – just like James Bonds watch!

First Alert WiFi Safe


Wemo lets you add Wi-Fi to almost anything. Control and set timers to turn things on and off. You can program sprinklers to stay off if rain is forecast or flip on lights with an SMS. Wemo can be synced to almost any electrical appliance and customized for your own personal preferences.