Where to leave your spare house key

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While it is handy to have a spare key hidden around the house just in case you are ever locked out, don’t hide your key in a way that it puts your security at risk. The easiest way a burglar can enter your home is by finding your spare key.

Do not leave keys under doormats, flower pots, or rocks! Leaving a spare key in these places around the front door is very common, and is practically inviting a burglar into your property.

Do not leave spare keys in your wallet or purse! If your wallet is stolen not only does someone have your spare house key, they will most likely find something with your address on it, knowing exactly which house they have access to.

Leave your spare key with a trusted neighbour. This can come in handy when you are away for a long time, as you can ask them to check in your house every now and then, showing that someone is always around.

Secure your spare key in a lock box or key safe. These can only be accessed by a code, which only you are your loved ones know.  These are extremely durable and weather resistant, and can be found on the Keytek Shop! https://www.keytekshop.co.uk/product/squire-key-keep

Alternatively upgrade to an automated door lock system and never need a spare key again! Keytek Shop provides a range of Keyfree Electronic Handles which offer keyfree entry via Remote fob or code to unlock the door. https://www.keytekshop.co.uk/product/yale-keyfree-electronic-handles-chrome

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5 Gadgets to Take With You to University

With many students heading off to university away from home and moving into student accommodation, don’t just pack bedding, clothes and books, a good idea is to include a few gadgets to enhance your move to campus.

As home automation becomes increasingly popular, and new gadgets seem to appear every day, there are many new smart home devices that will make student accommodation more secure and convenient.


Abus Indoor Pan & Tilt Dome Camera & App

The most easy and effective way to keep an eye on your accommodation is using an all-in-one system and your smartphone. For under £200 Keytek Shop offers a modern indoor camera with a compatible app for iOS and Android.

Simply plug in the Abus and install the app, and any movement will trigger the camera to record. The Abus also allows you to be informed of incidents by e-mail or push notification, so you will be able to keep an eye on your room remotely, whether you’re in a lecture or doing an all-nighter in the library.

Abus TVAC19000 WLAN Indoor 720p Pan & Tilt Dome Camera & App



iRobot Roomba

Students have enough stress with looming deadlines and exam revision, keeping your room clean often gets overlooked, so why not recruit a little help in the form of the iRobot Roomba.

For under £380, the iRobot Roomba will remove dirt, debris and hair from all types of floors, while you’re in a lecture or in the library. Even if you have a super messy roommate, the Roomba uses an advanced system of sensors and software to adapt and navigate the environment and around obstacles.

iRobot Roomba 650 Vacuum Cleaning Robot – Black



Master Lock Portable Safe

Living with other students often means sharing a lot of belongings, such as kitchenware, books and even clothes. However for your personal items which you’d like to keep secure, invest in a small portable safe, such as the Master Lock Portable Safe which is one of the bestselling items in the Keytek Shop.

Because of the small size of the safe, the Master Lock can be stored discreetly in your accommodation, and can even travel to university with you. The safe also has an integrated space allowing you to charge your phone or listen to your mp3 while studying in the library.

Master Lock 5900 Safe Space® Portable Safe



Nest Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm

The vast majority of university students often take part in activities that risk fire in their halls or accommodation, such as lighting candles or cooking while tipsy. Fortunately you can keep yourself and your roommates safe with the Nest smoke and carbon monoxide alarm.

The Nest alarm sends alerts to your mobile or tablet when the alarm is triggered, telling you what the problem is, where it is and the severity of the issue. Alerts aren’t only sent when the alarm goes off, but also when the batteries are getting low.

Nest S2003BW Smoke and carbon Monoxide Alarm



Wireless Tracker

Student halls can get very busy, with so many people coming and going, it can be easy to lose valuables and important objects in the commotion. Keytek Shop offers a wireless tracker which ensures you never lose your mobile phone, laptop or keys again!

Simply attach the Iristag to your valuables and you can locate them easily using an App on your smartphone or tablet. The tracker will use GPS technology to locate missing items quickly and easily, so you won’t have to stress about losing your phone on your next night out.

Iristag Wireless Tracker – White



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Don’t Update the Burglar! Stay Safe on Social Media


Don’t Update the Burglar! Keep Safe on Social Media

The openness of social media can allow burglars and thieves access to the information needed to target homes with only a few clicks. There are many social media activities that may put your home’s security at risk!

Be careful checking-in

Most social media channels have check-in features which reveal your location. Whether you’re checking-in at a restaurant or the cinema, this can be dangerous and can let burglars know when you’re away from home.

Don’t show off your expensive items

Showing off your swanky new watch or luxurious handbag online can be more dangerous than you imagine. Sharing photos of your expensive items publicly may just be tempting a burglar.

Don’t post your holiday plans

It is very common to share exciting future holiday plans online, however this can be very risky. As well as your friends and family, burglars may be interested in your holiday countdown, as this updates them on when your house will be empty for a long period of time.

Check your privacy settings!

Make sure to limit your statuses and updates to your family and friends instead of being public.

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Back to School Online Security Tips!


Make sure to take note of our Online Security Tips;

Think Twice Before Posting

Once a photo or video has been posted online it can be easily distributed, and unfortunately it’s not just yours anymore.

Sharing is Caring, but Not Oversharing

Never share personal information like your address, email address, passwords or mobile number.

Private is Better than Public

It is best to keep your profiles set to share to friends and family only, so you can control exactly who can see what you post online. Privacy settings change from time to time, so it is important to check and update them.

Download Cautiously

Be careful about what you put on your devices; dodgy apps, programs, links and websites can put yours and your families private information and security at risk.

Stranger Danger Applies Online Too!

Don’t meet up with people you’ve spoken to online. Speak to your parent or carer about people suggesting to do so.


Make sure your kids are smart online when they go back to school! #backtoschool #online #security

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5 Worst Places to Hide Your Valuables

Most burglars will spend between 8 to 12 minutes inside the home, with the aim of entering and exiting with a large volume of items in the shortest amount of time. Discreetly storing valuables in unexpected locations around the house can prevent you losing something of personal value, however careful consideration must be taken to choose the best places.

Many places people feel valuables can be safely hidden have become extremely common and predictable, for this reason, when it comes to determining where to hide your valuables, be sure to steer clear of the following locations.

Underwear drawer

The bedroom is often one of the first places a burglar will go to find your items of value, for this reason hiding jewellery, cash and other expensive items in a drawer under your socks is one of the worst places. Many people are under the impression a burglar will be deterred by messy drawers, however it is important to remember drawers are easy to remove and burglars won’t think twice before invading your privacy.


Hiding valuables in the refrigerator or freezer has become increasingly common. It is a tactic that has featured in many movies, therefore the chances of a burglar rummaging through your frozen food is in fact very high. Burglars often look through the refrigerator looking for prescription medication, which they can sell on later. People often wrap their valuables in foil or store them in food packaging inside the fridge, however burglars are smarter than you think and know these tricks very well.

Children’s bedroom

Years ago hiding your valuables in a child’s bedroom would have been a brilliant idea, however these days kids bedrooms are highly targeted in burglaries. Today children possess many high value gadgets, including TV’s, tablets, game consoles and many more. More than often, children will leave electronics and expensive items laying out in the open, therefore a burglar will have no objections digging a little deeper to find your stashed valuables.

Under the mattress/bed

This is one of the first places burglars look for valuables as it is very predictable. Many believe this is a safe place as it is unreachable when you are sleeping, however it is important to remember burglars usually enter the house when no one is home.

Toilet tank

Although this may seem unexpected, this is a common place checked by burglars. Hiding valuables in a toilet tank was once a clever tactic, however it was popularized by many movies, making it a commonly used location to hide valuables, therefore a predictable place for burglars to search.

The best place to hide your valuables?

Hiding your valuables can be frustrating as burglars are cruel but clever. Most of the unexpected hiding spots have been exposed in movies and TV shows, making them predictable places targeted by burglars. The best solution to hiding your valuables at home is to invest in a top quality safe that will be bolted down to the ground. Head over to www.keytekshop.co.uk/burton-safes to take a look at high quality safes which are guaranteed to keep your valuables safe.

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