Happy Chinese New Year!

chinese new year

A New Year is often a time to reflect on advances made over the years and to speculate potential future progression. Over the years we have seen an advance in smart home automation, especially in the home security sector, with the aim of providing peace of mind at the touch of a button. We are using the Chinese New Year 2017 to look at China’s smart home market, specifically the successes of tech giants and white goods manufacturers Alibaba, Xiaomi and Haier.



Alibaba Group Holdings Ltd is a Chinese e-commerce company founded in 1999. March 2014 saw Alibaba enter a partnership with Midea Group to develop a smart air conditioner. The successful growth of the smart air conditioners influenced Alibaba to unveil their ‘Smart Living’ business and introduce their own version of a smart-home app called Ali-smart in early 2015. Ali-smart has partnered with over 100 appliance and electronics manufacturers which produce a huge range of products from water heaters to network routers.



Xiaomi Inc is one of the world’s largest smartphone markets, therefore capturing the smart home market was a logical target. The Chinese electronic company unveiled various smart home gadgets including the Ants smart webcam, Mi smart power plug, Yeelight smart light bulb and smart air purifier. The founder of Xiaomi, Lei Jun made clear that home automation is a priority business area and key to the company’s success.



Haier Group Corporation is a consumer electronics and home appliances company who hold the world’s largest market share in white goods. The CEO of the company stated the focus of the business was moving towards home automation as oppose to overseas acquisitions. Haier partnered with Chinese smartphone maker Meizu in early 2015 in order to construct connected home appliances, this was alongside collaborations with various other companies including Microsoft.

While China has had many successes in the smart home industry, the UK is also progressing and continuously creating various innovative products. The Keytek Shop sell a variety of smart fingerprint operated door locks which aim to use smart technology to increase your homes security. The locks are available for both UPVC doors and wooden doors. While smart home technology and home automation is an exciting prospect for home security, it is crucial not to forget basic measures which are equally as effective.

Have a look at our guide on Fixing a Broken uPVC Door Lock Mechanism here.






Thief in Bournemouth Walks out With Till

The importance of commercial security has been highlighted following the conviction of a thief who walked out of Waterstones bookstore in Bournemouth town centre with a till under his arm. The same person had also attempted a similar theft at Lloyds Pharmacy in Boscombe, where the defendant stole an unoccupied till.

Businesses are often vulnerable to many forms of crime as they often have high-value items or large amounts of cash stored onsite, therefore it is important to implement adequate security measures. There are many steps to take in order protect and safeguard a business against crime and minimise any risk of loss.

There are a variety of security measures that commercial properties should consider implementing, these include Master Key suite systems, access control systems, CCTV coverage or just simply installing high-security locks on all external doors. These are just a small selection of the additional security options available to businesses, we at Keytek Locksmiths are also able to offer comprehensive security checks aimed to ensure domestic and commercial properties have sufficient security, and advise and upgrade security where necessary following this check.

Visit our business security blog for some of our top tips on how to protect your business. If you think that your business premises or office in Bournemouth could do with a security check or a security uplift, give our Local Locksmiths in Bournemouth a call on 01202 051 168 or visit keytek.co.uk/dorset/bournemouth

National Bath Safety Month

National bath security month

National Bath Safety Month

The bathroom can often become the most dangerous places in a home, with hard surfaces that easily become slippery and the storing of hazardous products such as medicine and toiletries, it is important to protect yourself and your family from mishaps in the bathroom. Bathrooms can pose a particular risk for children, for that reason we recommend you utilise National Bath Safety Month to review the safety and security of your bathrooms, in efforts to eliminate accidents from occurring.


The bathroom should be sufficiently lit at all times and any light fixtures should supply enough lighting for the whole room, including in showers and closets. Consider placing a night light on the path to the bathroom in order to make trips to the bathroom easier in the night.


Cabinets are often used to store high-risk items, and therefore should be secured adequately. In order to keep medicine, toiletries and cleaning products out of reach of children, they should be stored in high cupboards or cabinets which can be secured with a lock or latch.

Secure the Door

The simplest method to steer clear of mishaps in the bathroom is to prevent children from entering unsupervised. It is important to keep the door shut and secured at all times, this can be achieved by installing a latch high up on the door. It should be taken into account that any locks inside the bathroom should also unlock from the outside, in order to prevent children being locked in.

Lock the Toilet!

It isn’t uncommon to find young children have put toys and household items into the toilet, fortunately there is an easy solution! A toilet seat lock can help to prevent incidents and is extremely easy to install with no bolts or adhesives required.

We encourage using this National Bath Safety Month to review the security of your whole house. It is crucial to ensure homes have adequate security, starting with the locks on your doors. Call a local locksmith to carry out a full home security and insurance compliance check ob 03303320589 or visit keytek.co.uk today.

5 White House Security Measures Used by Donald Trump

The White House implements one of the world’s most effective security systems in order to ensure the complete protection of the US President. With the new President-elect, Donald Trump due to take his place as the 45th president of the United States of America, we at Keytek Locksmiths have broken down what it takes to keep this iconic building and occupants safe and secure.

Iron Fence

The reinforced iron fence surrounding the White House was expanded in the 90’s by an entire block in order to ensure vehicles and pedestrians are kept at a safe distance. The iron fence has evolved greatly over the years, with a recent installation of anti-climb spikes following an intrusion whereby an Iraq war veteran scaled the fence and attempted to enter the residence.

Restricted Airspace and White House roof security

Following the attacks on September the 11th, the heavily restricted airspace over the White House was expanded and enforced more rigorously. A radar is mounted on the roof observing the area continuously, and lasers are present to identify any activity and to prevent any flight activity which may breach White House security. If a breach is identified in the restricted airspace a fighter jet can be deployed within 5 minutes should it be required.

Bulletproof Windows

The White House was imprudently insecure previous to the implementation of bulletproof windows. There have been many occasions since the conception of the White House, where shots have been fired at the historical home from up to 2,100 feet away, therefore the installation of ballistic glass in the 50’s was a logical step.

Screening Before Entering

Following the attacks on September the 11th, it became imperative that any person entering the White House must undergo numerous background checks and even agree to a magnetometer screening. As well as people, food is also subjected to thorough checks before entering as part of the White House security.

Infrared Sensors

For better White House security, every inch of the border is ringed by infrared lasers (sensors). These sensors recognize even the smallest threat to the White House security that could even include small animals such as squirrels. These aren’t, in fact, the ones you would even see in spy movies. These lasers cover everything, including the sky, the land, and the underground, aiming for a top White House security.

Secret Service

The Secret Service are specially trained to safeguard each President of the USA and their families from when they first move into office until ten years after they leave. The Secret Service can be found circulating the lawns and gardens, and are often hidden and waiting to rush into action.

white house security

Just as the White House is equipped with various layers of security, your home should also be adequately protected. Although not to the extent of a personal Secret Service or restricted airspace, it is crucial to be aware of the security measures available and the practices such as ensuring to lock your windows and doors at all times, and not opening doors to strangers. As home security experts, we at Keytek Locksmiths want to ensure you are well informed on how best to protect your property, and as a part of our services we provide a full security and home insurance compliance check. Call 03303320589 or visit keytek.co.uk to book a credible and trustworthy local locksmith.

Anti Pickpocketing Fashion

Fashion designers used recent Milan Fashion Week and Berlin Fashion Week as an opportunity to showcase their latest creations on the runway. These events may influence the items in your wardrobe, however we believe a factor to consider when making wardrobe choices is your personal security. We at Keytek have collated a list of security conscious clothing that not only appears fashionable, but also protects your belongings.


Hidden Pockets

Hidden pockets are particularly successful in concealing and securing valuables when travelling. CleverTravelCompanion.com have created a range of secret pocket t-shirts which they describe as ‘comfy, inconspicuous and clever’. When worn under a second layer, they are practically undetectable and inaccessible to pickpockets.

Clothing Arts, a company that specialise in designing trousers, have created pickpocket proof trousers, ideal for travelling. The trousers feature a number of secure pockets which can hold valuable objects such as smart phones and wallets securely. All outer pockets are zippered, including double locks on back pockets, making it near impossible for a thief to access undetected.


Secure Underwear

Pickpockets aim to be as discreet as possible, and often steal items carried in bags and outer pockets; therefore secret compartments located in your underwear are extremely successful in preventing theft. Smugglingduds.com have designed a range of men’s boxer shorts and briefs containing a hidden pocket ideal for carrying cash or cards.

Pickpockets are well aware of money belts and how to navigate around them, making them less effective than when they were initially introduced. Carrying cards and cash in secret underwear pockets is ideal when travelling in unknown areas, as this guarantees they are in close proximity and secure.

An alternative for females is the Braza Secret Stash, a small pocket that can be attached to a bra. The Braza Secret Stash is a safe and secure method of concealing money, credit cards, jewellery and more in your bra, swimwear and other undergarments, allowing you hold your possessions close.

So instead of just considering new trends over Milan and Berlin Fashion Week, consider clothing options which provide security and solutions for pick pocketing and theft. As experts in both Locksmithing and security, we at Keytek Locksmiths take pride in creating awareness around the importance of home security. Visit our website to read security tips for a range of tips which will guarantee to ensure the security of yourself and your home.

Investigation Following Aggravated Burglary in Poole

Dorset Police have opened an investigation following an aggravated burglary in Poole. A Family became the victim of a frightening armed raid at their home on busy high street, Ashley Road, in Poole. The occupants, including young children, were threatened by a trio of masked burglars armed with a variety of tools. The burglars left with cash and high-value Asian jewellery.

Although we urge everyone to be informed on how to prevent a burglary, homes containing large quantities of valuables such as Asian jewellery are often targeted by burglars, and therefore should implement additional measures to ensure their valuables are safe.

The best solution to hiding your valuables at home is to invest in a top quality safe that will be bolted down to the ground. Head over to www.keytekshop.co.uk/burton-safes to take a look at high-quality safes which are guaranteed to keep your valuables safe.

It is crucial to ensure your home is secure in order to prevent incidents such as burglaries, this can be done by simply ensuring your doors and windows are locked at all times. The local Locksmiths in Poole provide a variety of Locksmith services including full security and home insurance compliance checks. Call a local Poole locksmith on 01202 804111 or visit https://keytek.co.uk/dorset/poole/ to book an appointment.

Electrical Equipment Stolen from Newcastle Office Building

Police in Newcastle are appealing for information following a burglary at a Newcastle city centre office building . Burglars targeted the Zurich Insurance building due to the presence of electrical equipment such as Apple Macbooks, Canon DSLR cameras and camera kits.

Unfortunate events such as these highlight the importance of security for both homes and businesses. With an increase in electrical equipment in businesses, it is crucial to keep your business safe by improving your security in order to reduce unexpected losses.

How to improve your business security

  • Make sure you have adequate lighting and the premise is well illuminated.
  • Invest in a high-security alarm system in order to protect valuable items.
  • Install CCTV cameras to monitor all activity and occurrences.
  • Deter thieves by displaying warnings signs around the building
  • Ensure all doors and windows are secured and lock without problems. If required call your local locksmith who will carry out a full security check, and make any lock repairs or upgrades necessary.

Our local Newcastle Locksmiths ensure to provide high-quality customer service to our domestic customers, and also provide the same level of care to our commercial customers and National Accounts.  If you believe your business premises or office could do with a security check or an uplift, give us a call on 0330 332 0589 or visit keytek.co.uk/tyne-and-wear/newcastle-upon-tyne/