Be extra flippin’ careful this Pancake Day

pancake day security

­­Be extra flippin’ careful this Pancake Day

Cooking is one of the leading causes of house fires and fire-related injuries, so this Shrove Tuesday follow our top tips to keep you and your family safe in the kitchen – however this won’t guarantee the quality of your pancakes 😉

How to prevent kitchen fires

  • Test your smoke alarm before you proceed to cook.
  • Always pay attention
  • Always switch off the cooker when leaving it unattended
  • Keep flammable items away from the cooker
  • Supervise children in the kitchen at all times

In case of an emergency:

  • Do not attempt to move something on fire, and never throw water on it.
  • If possible, turn off the heat.
  • Get everyone out of the building.
  • Call the emergency services.

For more advice regarding fires in the kitchen, and fire safety in general, visit the fire safety advice centre on

Love locks

Locks are often associated with security and protection; however they are also a huge symbol for love and commitment. This Valentine’s Day here at KeytekTM locksmiths we are looking at Love Locks, an ancient custom where couples secure a padlock to a public object, commonly a bridge or a gate, and throw away the key as a representation of indestructible love.

The history of padlocks being secured to bridges as a symbol of love dates back over 100 years, with one of the earliest mentions of the tradition being at the Most Ljubavi bridge in Serbia, as a result of a tragic Serbian tale of two lovers. Love Locks have proliferated all over the world since the early 2000’s and have repeatedly been regarded as vandalism by local authorities due to the damage they can cause, however there are still various locations where the Love Locks tradition has been kept alive.

Pont des Arts Bridge, Paris, France

The infamous bridge over the river Seine, situated in the city of love is undoubtedly the most famous Love Locks locations in the world. Over the years the Pont des Arts Bridge saw hundreds of thousands of honeymooning tourists and local sweethearts secure padlocks and throw away the key as a symbol of their eternal love, however in 2012 part of the bridge collapsed as a result of the extra weight, which supposedly amounted to the weight of 20 elephants. Unfortunately due to structural hazards Parisian officials removed locks from the bridge and made it illegal for locks to be fixed to the bridge in the future.

Brooklyn Bridge, New York City, New York

New York is undoubtedly one of the most romanticised locations in the United States, with the Brooklyn Bridge featuring in numerous popular movies along with the New York City skyline. The bridge became a common location for Love Locks however due to damage it is officially illegal to secure padlocks to the Brooklyn Bridge.

Vodootvodny Canal, Moscow, Russia

The Vodootvodyn Canal was built in the 1780s in effort to control floods and assist shipping. Unlike Love Locks traditions practiced in New York and Paris, couples visiting Moscow secure a padlock onto man-made metal trees lining the banks of the canal.

N Seoul Tower, Seoul, South Korea

N Seoul Tower is one of the iconic symbols of Seoul, South Korea, and has become an extremely prominent location for couples. Similar to the Love Locks custom practiced in Moscow, seven man-made ‘love trees’ are situated on the terraces of the tower which are capable of carrying the weight of padlocks as opposed to the fences on the tower.

Love Fountain, Montevideo, Uruguay

Situated in a busy commercial street in Uruguay’s capital city, is a fountain adorned with Love Locks. Placed on the fountain is a plaque that reads in both English and Spanish “The legend of this young fountain tells us that if a lock with the initials of two people in love is placed in it, they will return together to the fountain and their love will be forever locked.”

While the Lock Locks tradition is heart warming and presents a sentimental symbol for the traditional lock, it is important to remember the initial purpose of the lock is to provide security and protection for its user. Here at Keytek® we value the importance of adequate home security, starting with the locks on your doors. Call a local locksmith today to carry out a full home security and insurance compliance check on 03303320589 or visit today!

Security Must Haves

Home security has progressed noticeably over the years, with advances in technology making it possible to control various items in your home remotely, and modern systems allowing you to monitor your home with ease. Unfortunately the majority of people don’t put sufficient efforts into home security until it is too late, for that reason, here at Keytek® Locksmiths we have collated a list of must have security items which will ensure your home security.

Yale Systems

Yale Easy Fit Smartphone Alarm Kit 

With the rise of smart home technology, security devices have become easier than ever to operate, with users able to control almost every aspect of the devices remotely using their smartphones. We recommend this Yale alarm kit as a security must have for those who are looking for an easy to fit alarm which can be controlled using a smartphone, tablet or PC. The Smartphone Alarm Kit takes home security to the next level by allowing users to activate, deactivate, monitor and programme the alarm using the accompanying app.

Night Hawk

Kidde Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Carbon monoxide is a colourless, odourless and tasteless toxic gas, and also one of the leading causes of accidental poisoning deaths.  A carbon monoxide alarm is crucial to ensure the safety of you and your family, particularly one which carries a British Standard approval mark, such as the Kitemark. We suggest the easy to install and battery operated Kidde Carbon Monoxide Alarm to protect you against the dangers of carbon monoxide even in the event of a power outage.

Smart Locks

Keyfree Electronic Handles

Another smart home solution are these Yale Keyfree Electronic Handles, which make securing your home simple and effortless. The handles are a great solution for those who often misplace their keys, as they allow entry using a remote fob or a 4 to 12 digital code. The Keyfree handles increase security by allowing you to set a code that resets after 24 hours, giving you control over who has access to your home.

Norton Antivirus

Norton AntiVirus

As technology advances the Internet has become a part of our daily lives, whether you are window shopping on the web or browsing through social media on your smartphone, it is crucial to ensure the security of your personal data and protect your devices from viruses and malware. Malware is developing at a fast pace, but fortunately the latest Antivirus products are designed to handle these threats. We recommend the Norton AntiVirus software as it protects your web activity using various tools such as a Password Manager which secures your identity, Browser Protection which prevents malware and many performance optimising tools.

Security apps

Salient Eye (Android)

The Salient Eye app allows Android users convert spare smartphones and tablets into practical security cameras. The app users the devices built in cameras as motion-sensors, capturing photos of anything moving in its field of vision and instantly sending to the user via email or text. Salient Eye provides an appealing hassle free approach to home security, and it is free for all android users.

There are a huge variety of security devices available and with the progression of smart home automation, controlling your home security is easier than ever. Although arming your home with up to date gadgets and devices is imperative for security, it is also important to remember basic security measures such as having sufficient locks on your doors. Call a local locksmith today to carry out a full home security and insurance compliance check on 03303320589 or visit today!

Car Break-in near Dorchester

Dorset Police have initiated an investigation following a car break-in near Dorchester. A thief proceeded to steal several items including a handbag, phone and keys having successfully broken into the car parked near Hardy’s Monument near Dorchester.

Owning a vehicle always presents the risk of it being broken into or stolen, regardless of age, make and model. In addition to locking your car, there are various other methods for further protecting your car and its contents.

  • When out and about it is ideal to park your car in a well-lit area or in clear view of a security camera.
  • It is important to remove valuable items such as wallets, phones and sat-navs from your vehicle. Don’t forget to remove sat-nav holders and any suction marks on the windscreen which may indicate there are valuables in the car.
  • Although most cars are fitted with an alarm and immobiliser, it is wise to consider further security features such as steering wheel locks and tracking devices.

For further advice regarding vehicle security visit our blog post at As well as vehicle security, you should always be conscious of your home security. The local Locksmiths in Dorchester are all CRB checked and fully assessed and accredited by industry experts. If you require any locksmith services, simply call our reliable and trustworthy Locksmiths in Dorchester on 01305 230 329 or visit