Motorhome and Caravan Security

Your motorhome or caravan is not only an expensive asset, but it is probably filled with valuable contents which makes them a popular target for thieves. Whether your motorhome is worth £1000 or £100,000, there is always a risk of theft, for this reason it is essential to use the best possible security measures to help keep your motorhome and its contents safe and secure.

There are many simple ways to keep your motorhome or caravan secure, many of which are the same as any home, such as ensuring you remember to lock your windows and doors when the vehicle is vacant and to avoid leaving valuables on display. For additional security, there is also a wide range of security products available that help to deter thieves and reduce the risk of theft.


Motorhome Security Products:

Wheel clamp

Wheel clamps act as an instant visual deterrent as they take time to remove. Wheel clamps ensure your motorhome or caravan’s wheels are completely immobilised and near impossible to move, meaning it cannot be driven when these are attached.


Steering wheel lock

A steering wheel lock will fit across the steering wheel of your motorhome, and similar to a wheel clamp, they act as visual deterrents and immobilisers as potential thieves can’t make a quick getaway.


Handbrake/gear lock

A gear lock will lock your gear stick to your handbrake, putting another obstacle in the way and increasing the effort required to steal your motorhome, therefore deterring opportunist thieves.



Most modern motorhomes will come equipped with an alarm, however if your motorhome is an older model there are plenty of alarms on the market which will increase your security. Alarms will have various features such as internal motion sensors, external sensors and built-in cameras.


Security post

Security posts are ideal for those who keep their motorhome at home. A security post is a simple, yet effective form of security which can be used in driveway and garage entrances. It works by locking in a upright position in front of your motorhome, securing it in place.


Tracking device

A tracking device will monitor your home at all times, letting you know exactly where your vehicle is. If your motorhome does get stolen, a signal is sent by a remote control centre pinpointing your motorhomes exact location, giving you a much higher chance of retrieving it. We always recommend calling the police, rather than looking for the vehicle yourself.


Caravan Security Devices

Hitch Locks

The first step in protecting your caravan from theft is providing a deterrent to thieves, who are often opportunists that will make off with the least secure-looking vehicles. Hitch locks are an effective and visible anti-theft device that can help provide this deterrent.

These locks cover the hitch and make it impossible for thieves to attach your caravan to their own car and tow it away. This gives you peace of mind that your caravan is safe and sound in the campsite – right where you left it.


Security Anchors

The purpose of a ground anchor is to provide a safe and immobile anchor point which you can attach your motorhome or caravan. This not only acts as a deterrent, but it would also cause any potential thief massive agro. If secured properly, a thief would not be able to detach your caravan from the ground.

Caravan Locking Winter Wheels

If you don’t tend to use your caravan over the winter months then it’s important to keep it safe. ‘Winter Wheels’ protect your caravan’s wheels from degrading and developing flat spots or cracks. It also makes it almost impossible for your caravan to be towed away.


Caravan Alarm Systems

Just like you would in your home or motorhome, you can have a security system in your caravan. Battery operated cameras are useful for keeping your caravan safe, as you may not have access to electricity on the road. Even if you don’t wait an actual alarm in your caravan, putting stickers in the window to say that you do have a system could deter a potential criminal.


Finally, when increasing the security of your motorhome you will also need to bear in mind the requirements of your insurance company. Many policies will state the security measures required in order to keep your policy valid so you are covered should the worst happen. Make sure your policy not only covers your motorhome itself, but also the valuables inside it. For more tips regarding security of your home and belongings visit

Glastonbury increase festival security

Following the recent tragic events in London and Manchester, Glastonbury 2017 has massively increased their security. Festival goers will notice a few major changes, including thorough security checks and the placement of shuttle buses to help those affected to cope with large crowds.

For security reasons, festival goers will all be subjected to multiple searches of their bags and vehicles.  As a result, entrances will be considerably slower and there will be an increased number of queues, for this reason ticket holders are asked to pack light so searches will be quicker. Festival staff has advised all festival goers to put luggage tags on all bags and to prevent wrapping belongings in plastic wrap, in order to provide easy access during searches.

All measures taken this year are necessary for maximising public safety and security, with staff at Glastonbury working closely with the authorities. Festival goers are asked to play their part by packing lightly, planning their journey and cooperating with staff.  We hope everyone with a ticket enjoys themselves!


Woman discovers burglar in her Cumbernauld home

A woman discovered a burglar, dressed in all black, in her bedroom at 4.30am while she was sleeping.  After the burglar fled from the property the victim noticed several of her belongings had been stolen, including her mobile phone from her bedside table.

Upon closer inspection, it was brought to light that the burglar had been rummaging through cupboards at the property, and had gotten away with contents which will require a four figure sum to compensate. The victim’s patio door was discovered wide open following the burglary, indicating this was the main access into and out of the home.

According to the Police.UK website, research shows in the majority of burglaries, criminals most commonly broke into homes by forcing the locks on doors. For this reason, we believe it is vital to ensure the locks on your doors are strong and secure.


When upgrading the locks on your doors, our locksmiths will always recommend a British Standard lock, as these are widely recognised as a sign of quality and reliability. Our locksmiths are experienced, credible and trustworthy, and will ensure to only recommend the best quality products when carrying out a full home security and insurance compliance check.

If you are looking for a local locksmith in Cumbernauld to upgrade your locks, the KeytekTM engineers are all CRB checked and fully accredited by industry experts, ensuring that you will receive a reliable and professional service. Call 01236 800105 to book a local locksmith today, or for further information visit