Driving in the Snow

Snow safety tips

We have put together some safety tips to keep you safe on the road while we are being affected by the ‘Beast from the East’.


1. Accelerate and decelerate slowly, pushing the accelerator slowly is the best way for regaining traction and avoiding skids. It takes much longer to slow down on icy roads, so give yourself plenty of time when approaching a red light.


2. Everything takes longer when there is snow on the roads, stopping, turning and acceleration. So, give yourself time get where you need to go, the more you rush in icy conditions the more likely you are to crash.


3. Hills are extremely tricky to navigate in the snow, do not try and zoom up them, apply extra pressure on the accelerator will just cause your wheels to spin. Best practice is to reduce your speed as you reach the top of the hill, then move down the hill as slowly as possible. It is very important that you do not stop going up a hill in snowy/icy conditions, it will be very hard to regain any movement once you are stopped.


4.Make sure your exhaust pipe is not blocked with snow, ice or mud. A blocked exhaust pipe can cause carbon monoxide to leak into the interior of the car.


5. Prepare for the worst. Make sure you have your phone, a blanket, a bottle of water and anything else you think you may need if you get stranded in the snow for a length of time, such as a torch, first aid kit or de-icer etc.


6. Make sure you have the number for your breakdown cover provider, in case you need assistance on your journey.


7. Keep your fuel tank at least half full, to stop a fuel line freeze up.


8. Always check your wipers, make sure your wipers are switched off before you start the engine, if they are frozen to your screen then this can cause damage.


9. If you skid whilst driving in snowy/icy conditions, steer gently into it, do not take your hands off the steering wheel and you must NEVER slam on the brakes.


10. Snow chains can only be used if there is a layer of compacted snow and will need to be removed if you reach a clear section of road. You will damage the road and your car if you try to drive on a clear road with snow chains on.




It is very important that you change the way you drive when driving in snowy or icy conditions. One of the most important things you can do is plan your journey and try to use main roads, as they are more likely to be clear or gritted. When the weather is very bad, it is a good idea to stay home and try not to make any unnecessary journeys. Stay safe!!

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How to Stay Safe When Dating Online

Using online dating platforms can be both exciting and intimidating at the same time. You want to be forward and put yourself out there, but you do not want to expose personal details risking your safety or privacy. As online dating becomes increasingly popular, the possibility of being involved in an unfortunate incident also increases, however this should not hinder your chances of meeting someone special online. Follow our tips to stay safe when using online dating services.

Safety Tips:

Don’t Sign Up to Any Website!

It is important to make sure a dating website is reputable before signing up and sending over personal information.  Only use websites you trust, this can be determined by the information included within the privacy policy. Whilst signing up to a dating website isn’t quite the same as applying for a credit card, these websites collect a huge amount of user data which is valuable to hackers.

Beware of Catfishes!

Scam artists can pose online as the perfect date, while they lure you into a relationship in order to steal your personal information and money. Here are some warning signs which could indicate the person you’re talking to isn’t who they say they are;

Unbelievably Beautiful – If their profile photo looks like something out of Vogue magazine, proceed with caution.

A Life of Tragedies and Traumas –Many false profiles will entice people by pulling on their heart strings and making them feel guilt.

Sudden Cancellations –If you make plans to meet up but something unexpected always arises, perhaps the person you are talking to has something to hide.

No Camera? – If a person cannot send impromptu selfies of them, or video chat when requested in this day and age, this is a huge warning sign. It is rare for someone to have a computer but not a phone without a camera these days.

Moving Too Quickly? – Instant attraction and sudden proclamations of love can be a way to lure a person into a relationship.

Asking for Money – A catfish could use many excuses to ask for money including; an injury, for a child, financial problems, a sudden illness, victim of a crime and many more.

Be Careful With Your Details

Be wary of the personal information you share on dating websites, avoid giving out your full name, address or phone number. It is vital to never disclose financial information with anyone on a dating website. For more information watch this video on over sharing –www.youtube.com/watch?v=D1NQPUk1CHo&feature=youtu.be

Share Photos Wisely

A picture definitely speaks 1000 words, so be careful when sharing your photos on dating websites, and online generally. Photo’s can often include identifiable details such street signs, house numbers or car license plates. Photos can often reveal your location, putting your security at risk.

Block and Report Suspicious People

If you believe a user is scammer or is acting suspiciously, use the services provided by the dating website to block and report them. Reporting a suspicious user could prevent them from scamming others as well as yourself.

Online dating can be fun and has helped many find love, however users should keep in mind that not everyone on these platforms are who they claim to be, or have good intentions. It is important to follow these tips and keep the risks in mind, in order to help spot a scammer before you lose money and become a statistic.

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