Bournemouth Air Festival Safety Tips

The annual Bournemouth Air Festival is an event loved by many; masses of people all over the UK travel to Bournemouth to witness and enjoy the festivities. It is estimated that 9.25 million people have attended since 2008, with the events and crowds getting bigger every year! Although it is sure to be a great event, safety is still a factor that will need to be considered. We put together some tips and advice to make sure you have the best possible time at Bournemouth Air Festival 2019!


Prepare for the weather

It’s the summertime in the UK and we would all love to think it’s going to be beautiful sunshine down on the south coast; however this may not be the case. Make sure that you take a look at the weather forecasted on the days you’re planning to attend so you can plan ahead. The essentials will be sun cream, water and a light jacket or jumper. As the British weather is so unpredictable you don’t want to be underprepared which could result in sunburn or a cold!

Look out for the cordoned off zones

There are a multitude of events that happen every day at the air festival, including some stunt performances. This means that parts of the beach will be cordoned off for these events. For your own safety and that of the performers you should never enter these areas. Best practise is to avoid any sections that are barricaded.


Wear the right shoes

The Bournemouth Air Festival takes place between the Bournemouth and Boscombe pier with events, rides and stalls scattered in-between. This stretch of beach is 1.4 miles, which is a lot of walking!  If you want to stroll between the two piers be sure to wear suitable, comfortable shoes to avoid hurting your feet!


Take care when with kids

This family friendly festival is great fun for every generation but be aware of the crowds.

With the mass of people that attend every year it can be easy to get separated. LV=Kidzone operates along the seafront, where kids can be taken if they are lost and separated. They even sell wristbands at the Tourist Information Centre to help indentify your child and give you a call if they turn up.

A great tip for older children is to write your phone number and name on their arm or on a piece of paper and leave it with the child, so that if they get lost or can’t find you, someone can give you a call to tell you where they are.


Watch for crime

Unfortunately, like with every big event, crime can be a problem due to the crowds. Make sure to take a bag with internal compartments where you can put valuables such as your phone, keys and wallet.


 Leave the drone at home

Drone are banned from the event. Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) are not allowed at the event as it is illegal to fly the crafts within the restricted airspace. This restricted airspace is establish to protect participating aircrafts and display teams, with the festival staff under strict instructions to cancel the display programmer if drones are flying in the airspace. Leave the drones at home to stop from spoiling the fun for everyone.


Know your beach safety

This festival is directly on the beach so along some safety tips for the festival you’ll need to remember but also some general beach safety tips.

  • Swim at a lifeguarded beach; between the two piers there are many lifeguard stations, which can help if you get stuck or are in danger
  • Swim between the red and yellow flags; There can be strong currents so best practice is to swim between the flags as they are the designated safe zone as set by the lifeguards
  • Don’t use inflatables in strong winds or rough seas; using these can leave you vulnerable to being swept out to seas and placing yourself in danger
  • If you are in trouble stay still and raise your arm above your head; lifeguards are trained to recognise people in danger so if you are in trouble someone will come out and help
  • Know the important numbers; 999 for emergency services such as Fire Brigade, Police and Ambulance, 112 for the Coast Guard.

We hope these tips help you to have a fun and safe time at the air festival!

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Notting Hill Carnival Safety Tips

Notting Hill Carnival Safety Tips


Notting Hill Carnival is sure to be a lively, fun and welcoming event that is immersed in colour, music and food. However, like every big event it does come with dangers, so being aware and alert will help you to stay safe and smart at the carnival. We have put together some tips for you, so you can stay safe this bank holiday weekend!

This list is not by any means exhaustive, so please consider taking all personal precautions you can for your overall safety.


Wear minimal jewellery

All the flamboyant costumes and colours might inspire you to reflect that in your own wardrobe but wearing sentimental and perhaps expensive jewellery could end in disaster. At these events crime can be an issue, so to make yourself less of a target we suggest wearing as little jewellery as possible.

We suggest wearing inexpensive costume jewellery; so you can still partake in the spirit of the festival but if it is lost it won’t ruin your good time.


Travel in groups to and from the event

There is always safety in numbers and feeling safe will help you to enjoy yourself, so if you are attending with friends, it’s a good idea to stick together. With millions of people estimated to attend there are many risks from separation to pick-pocketing, being a part of a larger group will minimise your chances of becoming a target.

We suggest setting a specific spot that is memorable and stationary at the start of the event, so that if anyone gets separated you have a way of finding each other.


Be alcohol aware

There is nothing to say that you cannot drink at this sort of event as there is bound to be plenty of it, but what can be said is that if you are going to drink, just remember these three simple things:

  • Don’t accept any drink that you have not seen been opened or made
  • Don’t accept drinks from strangers
  • Know your limit

Please check out the Drinkaware website before attending the festival for some more tips on how to stay safe if you are drinking alcohol at the festival, you don’t want to have your time ruined by drinking too much and not being prepared!


Plan ahead

Always plan ahead whether it is for the weather or it is how you are going to get home, make sure you are prepared for all situations.

Designate a sober driver to take everyone home or organise a taxi to avoid being stranded in the middle of the night.

It is England in August, so the weather could be anything. Make sure to look at weather forecasts leading up to and on the day of the event so that you are not caught in the rain without a coat or in the sun without sun cream!


If you are unsure go to the police

At these big events there will always be a larger amount of police patrolling the area, if you get separated from your friends or see something suspicious the police will always be around to help.


Think about your feet!

There’s going to be loud music, beautiful costumes and surely a fair share of dancing,

so we suggest leaving the heels at home and go for a comfortable pair of supportive shoes. Likewise, wearing open-toed shoes such as flip flops or sandals is not going to be the best idea. In the city streets there might be glass that could cut your foot, or millions of people who could potentially step on your toes and break them. You don’t want a good day and night ruined by poor footwear choices! Not to mention the painful blisters!


Don’t splash the cash

Like said before, unfortunately there are sometimes people who are looking to steal at these events and displaying large amounts of money  at these events can make you a prime target. Try taking a suitable and secure bag where you can store valuables such as cards and cash in internal compartments. Enjoy your time and have fun but try to be discreet about the amount of cash you are carrying to reduce the risk of becoming a target.

We suggest separating your some of your money, so that in the unfortunate scenario you are pick pocketed you have a back up for the emergency.

We hope that these tips help you to have a fun, safe time at Notting Hill Carnival. Find more carnival safety tips at Crime Stoppers UK and Visit London!


Would the Traps from ‘Home Alone’ Work?

We are big fans of home alone over here at Keytek and have decided to look at the traps that Kevin Macalister sets up for the ‘Wet Bandits’ and whether they would be useful in actually securing your home.
Now in doing some research into the traps Kevin sets up and the real life consequences of using them on real burglars, we definitely would not advise that you employ any of these tactics. However, there is a ton of home security inspiration to be taken from the Home Alone movies. We will go through some of Kevin’s most ingenuous booby traps and advise you on how to secure your home.

The Spider Surprise

Kevin employs the use of his brothers’ pet tarantula to give one of the intruders a fright. Now, spiders are not the most common of pets in the average UK household. But other pets such as dogs can be a good deterrent to a potential burglar. The noise of them barking or moving around the house is an asset, and the use of a ‘beware of the dog’ sign is an extra precaution.


The Slimy Ladder


Kevin has the ingenious ideas of smearing the rungs of a ladder with goo, making it impossible for one of the ‘Wet Bandits’ to climb up. We can take two things from this, one; do not leave ladders in a place that they can be used to gain entry. Also you can invest in ‘anti-climb’ paint; this has a thick oily coating that looks glossy when applied. However, it remains slippery and makes it almost impossible for a burglar to climb your wall.

Let the TV do the Talking

‘Merry Christmas ya filthy animal!’ may the most iconic line from a fake movie within a movie. Kevin tricks the ‘Wet Bandits’ by playing a film loud on the television. While this is amusing in the film, the principle is solid. Sounds and lights will deter burglars from breaking in. You can set timers on lamps to come on and off periodically, to give the allusion of a presence in the house. You can even buy a T.V Simulator that flashes different coloured lights, so to someone looking through a window, the television seems to be on.

Secure the Perimeter

Kevin uses a couple of techniques to secure the perimeter of his home. He ices the stairs, the ‘Wet Bandits’ slip and fall, so are unable to reach the front door. He also heats up the front door knob to such a temperature that it burns the pattern into one burglars hand; he also throws bricks at them from the roof of the house. We do not suggest ANY of these however; securing your perimeter is a good idea. Your fencing, hedging or walls can attract or deter burglars. Check for weak spots, a rusty lock or unstable fence for example. A thorny hedge around your home can put thieves off, but you will need to make sure that passers by can still see the front of your home, so a burglar won’t go unnoticed. A gravel drive way is a great deterrent, as an intruder will be put off by the noise it makes when walking on it.

Get to know your Neighbours!

Kevin spends the entire movie scared of his ‘creepy’ neighbour Marley and does not go to him for help. But it is he that saves Kevin from the ‘Wet Bandits’ at the end of the film. If Kevin had got to know his neighbour; he could have gone to him for help straight away. It is important to get to know your neighbours as they are the people most likely to notice if something unusual has happened in your house. You can also ask then to keep an eye on your home if you go on holiday, move any post that may be hanging out of your door.


Kevin’s antics are extreme, and of course are done for comic effect, so we definitely don’t recommend you copy him. However a lot of inspiration can be taken from the Home Alone Movies; taking steps to protect your home and belongings is the most effective action you can take against burglaries. So make sure you don’t leave yourself venerable. Visit to get more advice on how to secure your home.

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