Alternative Halloween Ideas for 2020

This year Halloween is going to be a little different to us all. It is more important than ever to remain safe on 31st October 2020. Take a look at our top 5 alternative ideas to enjoy Halloween 2020 whilst keeping safe!


  1. Mask:

A Halloween mask is not an appropriate substitute for a face covering as it does not offer enough protection and breathability. Do not wear a mask underneath a Halloween mask as this will restrict your ability to breathe comfortably. Instead, incorporate your mask as part of your costume by using face paint on the forehead or making a mask out of a breathable Halloween style material.


  1. Trick or Treating:

Knocking door to door poses threat of spreading covid-19. Instead communities across the UK are discussing putting Halloween drawings in the window much like the NHS rainbows. Once a child spots a decoration on Halloween night the parent or caretaker can place a treat in the child’s goodie bag.


  1. Halloween Party:

Unfortunately, Halloween parties are more than likely to be off limit this year due to social restrictions. Instead, why not have an online Halloween party that you can invite all of your friends and family to. An online spooktacular quiz, movie marathon and best fancy dress competition are all things you can still do safely from your own home.


  1. Pumpkin Picking:

Visiting a pumpkin patch is still a relatively low risk fun Halloween activity for you and the children to enjoy. Remember to wear your mask and sanitise your hands before and after visiting to stay as safe as possible. If your area is in a local lockdown why not order a few pumpkins or root vegetables in with your shopping and hide them around the house as a pumpkin scavenger hunt for the kids (big and small)!


  1. Halloween Donation Box:

Food banks are struggling more than ever during this time. Many have had to close down or relocate so finding them is a struggle. Why not get the whole family involved in decorating a box with Halloween spookiness and fill them with tinned and long-life food to donate to your local food bank. Find your local food bank with the Trussell Trust here!

Everyone’s health and safety is a priority right now so please ensure you stick to your local guidelines if they differ from our advice whilst celebrating Halloween to ensure we all do our bit to help stop the spread of the coronavirus.


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Best Burglar Alarms

Best Burglar Alarms  


When choosing an alarm to protect your house, you want to make sure that you are selecting the right one for you. These days some of the best new alarm systems are smart alarms, which means they are controlled by an app on your smart phone. With all this new technology it might be difficult to choose an alarm that will be the right fit for you. We’ve taken a look and given you an overview of some of the best smart alarms out there. 


 Yale IA-320 Sync Smart Home Alarm– £269.99 

You can check in from anywhere with the Yale Smart Alarm and receive alerts to your phone when your alarm has been triggered. It will even remind you to set the alarm as you leave the house by monitoring when you leave using geolocation technology. As it’s a smart alarm, you can connect it to your smart devices such as Google Home, Alexa and Phillips Hue. If you have other smart devices in your house, such as smart bulbs, you can combine lights and sounds to create a great deterrent to any burglar.   

You can arm and disarm different parts of the Yale Smart Alarm with your voice and if you have a Phillips Hue integration then your lights can flash red when the alarm is triggered, which adds a visual deterrent. 

If you have pets, the Yale Smart Alarm gives you the option to ‘part-arm’ so your pet can be safely in one room without setting the alarm off. But your house is still protected by the other sensors, you won’t have to worry about false alarms. 

>Once you have the Yale Sync Smart Home Alarm installed, you can expand to include smoke alarms, smart plugs and extra door and window alarms. 


 Simplisafe Essentials Package- £308.94 

What’s included in the Essentials package; 1 Base Station, 1 Keypad, 3 Entry Sensors, 1 Motion Sensor and 1  HD Camera. 

The wi-fi camera that’s included with the essential package alerts you when it detects motion. Whats clever about it is that you won’t get a false alarm; it will only alert you if it detects something with a similar heat pattern as a human. The Simplisafe is easy to install and all the components connect to a base station, so it’s very quick to alert you if a sensor is triggered.  

You will have to pay £12.99 a month to subscribe to an external monitoring service, this allows you to view any recordings and get the alerts to your phone.  


 Ring Alarm 5 Piece Kit- £247.99 

All you need to do to set up the Ring Alarm is to plug in the base and go. The good thing about Ring is that it also uses mobile signal as well as wi-fi, meaning you are always connected even if the wi-fi goes down. You do have to subscribe for these features, its £8 a month or £80 for the year. Ring got their start in doorbells, so it makes sense that the alarm work best when connected to a smart doorbell and other accessories. The alarm siren is very loud and clear, which is great for deterring burglars. It comes with a wireless keypad which can be put anywhere so it’s easy for you to set your alarm when you leave the house. For this kit to work at its best, you will need to invest in some extra gadgets, but it’s a good investment for your security.  


Somfy Home Alarm Video Kit- £399.99


The Somfy home alarm is one of the loudest out there the maximum volume is 112 decibels, which is sure to get rid of any potential intruder! This system allows you to adjust the sensitivity of the sensors to allow for any pets you might have.  it does also come with a fake siren that you can place somewhere else externally on your property, to further deter someone from attempting a break in. There are less expensive kits from Somfy, but they do lack the camera monitoring. 

The sensors that come with the Somfy Kit are very sensitive and respond to the smallest movement, coupled with the fact you can adjust the sensitivity makes the sensors some of the best out there. This kit also comes with a fob, which you can give to any one that needs access to your house, dog walkers, cleaners etc. The siren is also completely adjustable, so you can add a delay if needed and you can select individual sensors to arm on night mode as well. 


Netatmo Smart Alarm System with Camera- £269.99

The clever thing about this alarm is that it will alert you to an intruder, before they actually break into your house. As part of the system you will receive and install sensors for the windows and doors, these will let you know if someone is trying to force their way in. You can set your alarm system to go off automatically if someone tries to break in. 

Another feature that sets this alarm apart from the others, is the facial recognition. The Netamo system can distinguish between familiar and unfamiliar faces. If the camera spots somebody it doesn’t recognise, you will receive a notification and a video of the break in. While this is happening, your automatic siren will be sounding at 110-decibels, hopefully getting rid of the intruder and alerting neighbour’s to the break in. 

For all this advanced tech, the Netamo is relatively easy to install, you can download the app and connect the different elements, stick the siren and camera near the front door, and you’re ready to go!! 

The Netamo alarm know when you’ve left the house and will arm itself automatically and disarm itself when you return. Meaning you never have to worry that you’ve not set the alarm when you left the house. You can use the Netamo pre-recorded noises to give the impression that someone is home as a further deterrent to burglars. You can choose between dogs barking, children crying and even hoovering. 

One major advantage of the Netamo system is that you don’t have to pay monthly to access your videos, they are kept on an SD card that is included in the package, or you can save them to dropbox or FTP server.  


Minut- £118.86


This smart alarm is very small and compact, it detects noise and motion in your home and triggers the alarm siren that aims to ward off intruders. As with all modern alarms you can receive an alert on your phone to let you know the sensors have been triggered. It’s is battery powered and can last an impressive 6 months between charges. 

The Minut is easy to fit and you won’t have to worry about false alarms. It’s very accurate and comes with a CO2 and smoke detector, which you can receive alerts about., while also monitoring the temperature and humidity.  It comes with an app and can be controlled from there or, if you have one, a google assistant. The Minut can also be used as a nightlight, which is a handy little feature.  

This alarm doesn’t come with keypad or key fob to disarm the alarm and the only place you can install it is on the ceiling. The monitoring range is 25 metres squared underneath it. 


Out of all the alarms on our list, our favourite is the Netamo Alarm System. The facial recognition and lack of subscription fee, makes it the most effective and the best value for money. To find out more about smart ways to protect your home click here. 


Info from Good Housekeeping 

Calling a Locksmith Out During Covid-19

Locksmiths are key workers so should you find yourself locked out of your home, fear not as we will be there for you. During these times however, calling someone to come to your home may be a worrying thought. Take a look at our blog below on ‘What to Expect when Calling a Locksmith out during Covid-19’ to chase any worries away!

Here at Keytek® we have been ‘operating as normal’ throughout the pandemic as our trusted Locksmiths are considered key workers, getting you into your homes securely and safely. Speaking of, your safety is our priority so we have implemented a few changes along with government guidelines to ensure we do our bit to stop the spread of the coronavirus.


Our covid-19 compliant measures include:

  • Wearing a mask & gloves
  • Social distancing
  • Sanitising hands and tools


What if I am self-isolating?

If you are self-isolating as a vulnerable person please let our team members know upon calling and booking in our services. We will ensure that we put your health first and will avoid entering your home unless absolutely necessary and will carry out the work on the threshold of your door.

If you or your household are self-isolating due to a positive covid-19 test please call to rebook us in at a later date when you have finished the required self-isolating period to keep us all safe.


Locksmith Services during Covid-19

Keytek® Locksmiths are operating as normal; therefore we are pleased to offer you all of our usual services including:

  • Emergency 24hr Locksmiths with 30 minute response time, where possible.
  • Change of locks
  • Adjusting doors and mechanisms
  • Fitting new locks
  • Fix or replace of window locks
  • Home security
  • Emergency boarding up


Locksmith Questions

If you have any other questions or queries please do not hesitate to ask our team members on the phone, the Locksmith whilst they’re at your home or by emailing us at


Call a Locksmith

We hope we have been able to answer some of your questions and settle any worries you may have had before calling out a Locksmith. Find a local Locksmith to you by checking out our Find a Locksmith page here. Alternatively, give us a call on 0808 164 2928. We can’t wait to help!

How to Know When to Change your Locks!

Our front door locks are the first step in our home security, and knowing they are in working order gives us peace of mind. With daily wear and tear on them, they need to be regularly serviced and maintained, but how do you know when they need to be replaced. There are a few scenarios in which we as experienced Locksmiths strongly recommend that you change your locks.



1.  You Have Moved into a New Home

When moving into a new home it can be easy to forget about security amongst all of the boxes and chaos but you should look to replace all your door locks as soon as possible, ideally on the day that you move in to ensure that your new home is secure. Unfortunately, you will never know if someone might have an odd key to your home, who might have made a copy or how many keys might have been lost. Changing the locks will eliminate the possibility that someone could have a key to your home.


2.  Your Lock is Not Working as it Should

With multiple daily uses, wear and tear is a common thing and can cause your locks to lose effectiveness in terms of security. It is easy to ignore little issues, but they can turn into big problems down the line, increasing the chances of your lock completely breaking and leaving you unable to use your door.


We suggest calling out an accredited Locksmith if you experience any issues with your door and locks. Calling out a Locksmith early will help to lower the cost as you can organise a time within working hours which will reduce the labour rate for the Locksmith and they might be able to identify bigger underlying issues that would have caused havoc in the future if left unseen.


3.  You’ve Lost Your Keys

Whether they have been lost or stolen, if you have misplaced your keys you should always change your locks. If someone was to pick up your keys they have access to your house, and especially if they have any identifying information about who you are and where you live.


4.  You’ve Ended a Lease

Whether you’re a landlord who has just had a tenant leave or you have changed roommates, always consider changing the locks as you will never know if any extra keys have been made and how might be able to let themselves in.


5.  You Have Been Burgled

If you have been burgled, it can be hard to identify all of the items that might be missing from your home including if a set of spare keys that might be missing. No matter the way a burglar might have gained unlawful entry to your home, you should always change all of your locks as soon as you can. Do be aware however that you will need to wait until the Police have arrived and given you the go ahead to start changing your locks, this is because they may want to take evidence and changing anything might tamper with this. If for some reason you need to change the locks before the police have arrived, make the Locksmith aware of this fact so that they can wear appropriate PPE.


6.  Your lock is cheap

Not all locks are created the same, and many have different security features to keep your home safe. By investing in higher quality security locks you can protect against common forced entry techniques, such as Cylinder Snapping.


7.  Your Locks are Outdated

We do recommend changing your locks every few years as with new security updates and technologies the security that older locks have can become outdated quickly. Worn locks are also easier to break into, so locks that have seen their fair share of wear and tear can be more susceptible to intrusion.



Looking to Change your Locks?

Keytek® Locksmiths provide a professional, National emergency Local Mobile Locksmiths service across the UK. Providing a 30 to 60 minute emergency response no matter where you live. Keytek® is committed to providing a fast and efficient service with highly trained and reliable Engineers. When using Keytek® local mobile Locksmiths as a customer or business you can expect to receive a 365 day service, 1 hour emergency response time*, friendly DBS checked Engineers, full parts guarantee and a highly trained team to handle your call. Find your Local Locksmith today!