January 20, 2017 | Becki Hooper | Blog

5 White House Security Measures Used by Donald Trump


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White house security measures used

The White House implements one of the world’s most effective security systems in order to ensure the complete protection of the US President. With the new President-elect, Donald Trump due to take his place as the 45th president of the United States of America, we at Keytek Locksmiths have broken down what it takes to keep this iconic building and occupants safe and secure.

Iron Fence

The reinforced iron fence surrounding the White House was expanded in the 90’s by an entire block in order to ensure vehicles and pedestrians are kept at a safe distance. The iron fence has evolved greatly over the years, with a recent installation of anti-climb spikes following an intrusion whereby an Iraq war veteran scaled the fence and attempted to enter the residence.

Restricted Airspace and White House roof security

Following the attacks on September the 11th, the heavily restricted airspace over the White House was expanded and enforced more rigorously. A radar is mounted on the roof observing the area continuously, and lasers are present to identify any activity and to prevent any flight activity which may breach White House security. If a breach is identified in the restricted airspace a fighter jet can be deployed within 5 minutes should it be required.

Bulletproof Windows

The White House was imprudently insecure previous to the implementation of bulletproof windows. There have been many occasions since the conception of the White House, where shots have been fired at the historical home from up to 2,100 feet away, therefore the installation of ballistic glass in the 50’s was a logical step.

Screening Before Entering

Following the attacks on September the 11th, it became imperative that any person entering the White House must undergo numerous background checks and even agree to a magnetometer screening. As well as people, food is also subjected to thorough checks before entering as part of the White House security.

Infrared Sensors

For better White House security, every inch of the border is ringed by infrared lasers (sensors). These sensors recognize even the smallest threat to the White House security that could even include small animals such as squirrels. These aren’t, in fact, the ones you would even see in spy movies. These lasers cover everything, including the sky, the land, and the underground, aiming for a top White House security.

Secret Service

The Secret Service are specially trained to safeguard each President of the USA and their families from when they first move into office until ten years after they leave. The Secret Service can be found circulating the lawns and gardens, and are often hidden and waiting to rush into action.

white house security

Just as the White House is equipped with various layers of security, your home should also be adequately protected. Although not to the extent of a personal Secret Service or restricted airspace, it is crucial to be aware of the security measures available and the practices such as ensuring to lock your windows and doors at all times, and not opening doors to strangers. As home security experts, we at Keytek Locksmiths want to ensure you are well informed on how best to protect your property, and as a part of our services we provide a full security and home insurance compliance check. Call 03303320589 or visit keytek.co.uk to book a credible and trustworthy local locksmith.