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A tenant’s guide to home security


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a tenants guide to home security

Home security can become confusing when renting a property, with responsibilities being shared between the tenant and the landlord. Although it is up to the landlord to ensure the safety of their tenants, there are many ways a tenant can minimize risk and increase their home security.


Make use of your locks!

If you feel the locks previously fitted to the property are not secure, or someone else other than your landlord may have a spare key, you should consider having your locks changed before moving in. Always request your landlord’s permission and notify them before making any changes to prevent breaching your contract. When booking a locksmith to change the locks on your property, you want to ensure you are using an Engineer who is experienced, credible and cost efficient. All Engineers at KeytekTM Locksmiths are fully assessed and accredited and provide customers with the best possible solution. Book a locksmith today using our website www.keytek.co.uk or call us on 03303320589.

The simplest way you can protect your security is by making use of the locks already fitted on your doors. Remembering to lock your doors and windows every time the house is left vacant can noticeably reduce the risk of burglary. For additional security a sliding lock or door chain can be installed, these are not costly and will provide extra peace of mind.

Don’t buzz anyone in! 

If you are living in a building with multiple flats you will most likely have an intercom/buzzer system installed. In a generation where food and clothing can be delivered to our doorstep, it is easy for an intruder to disguise themselves as a delivery man or similar in order to gain entry into your property, especially over an intercom where they are heard and not seen. Make sure to be extra vigilant when buzzing people in and ensure you are only giving access to someone you recognise or are expecting.

Research the area before moving in… 


If you are looking at properties for renting it is worthwhile to research the area before moving in. There are many facilities online, such as crime statistics online and Street Advisor, which will provide you with crime statistics by postcode.

Get contents insurance. 


Your landlord will be responsible for the building and any fixtures inside it, and furnishing they have provided. To insure your own contents you should consider contents insurance, this covers your household goods from furniture to more valuable items. There are various tenant contents insurance available which are designed to protect your possessions from flood and fire damage as well as theft.

Contact your landlord!

It is important to always have a direct line of communication open with your landlord. If your rented property is not secure, or there is damage to the property which affects your security, it is crucial you contact your landlord. Your landlord will have some basic responsibility to ensure the property is safe and secure.



Here at KeytekTM Locksmiths we believe everyone should feel secure in their home, whether it is your own property or you are renting. Our locksmiths offer an extensive security check service, and are fully trained to the highest standard ensuring to offer the best solutions possible. Visit https://www.keytek.co.uk for more information or give us a call on 03303320589.