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#ABSsummerlockin campaign launched by Neighbourhood and Home Watch Network to keep security locked in and intruders locked out.


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Neighbourhood and Home Watch Network is urging householders to #stayABSsafe this summer by launching the  #ABSsummerlockin campaign to coincide with the school summer holidays in England and Wales – a time of year that sees a 10% increase in domestic burglaries and 40% increase in outdoor thefts*.


Working in partnership with its security sponsor Avocet Hardware, Neighbourhood and Home Watch Network will be issuing regular communications throughout the holidays to advise householders about how they can make their homes less exposed to potential burglaries. The office for National Statistics latest crime survey for England and Wales reports 92% of all domestic burglary in a dwelling is committed through the front and back door, 52% and 40% respectively. Furthermore the report highlights one quarter of all burglaries are the result of forcing the lock or lock snapping as it’s more commonly known – a growing trend directly related to the increase use of uPVC and other double glazed doors.


Jim Maddan, chairman of the Neighbourhood and Home Watch Network, said: ““The school holidays is a busy time for burglars as many houses are left empty when people head off for a getaway. Throw in the light nights and warmer weather and it’s no wonder there is an increase in break-ins. He continued: “We want people to enjoy their summer holidays without worrying about their home, which is why we have joined with Avocet to let people know that fitting a proper anti-snap lock is a really effective way to help stop a burglar gaining access to your property.”

Clive Lloyd, managing director of Avocet Hardware, said: “The rise in lock snapping is directly related to the increased use of uPVC and other double glazed doors, which can be found in millions of homes around the UK. By and large, these doors are fitted with a standard Euro cylinder lock that can be snapped and removed in a matter of seconds using nothing more than simple DIY tools.

“The ABS Snap Secure Lock is the only lock available with a patented snap secure technology, which will effectively lock the central cam in place. The ABS snap secure technology totally blocks access to the door bolt mechanism inside the lock case to effectively combat a snap attack.”

This proof comes from a Leeds City Council initiative that began in 2010 and to date has seen over 10,000 ABS Snap Secure locks installed in homes in East Leeds. This, alongside other police initiatives, has resulted on average in a 36 per cent annual drop in burglaries across East Leeds.

For further information and updates on #ABSsummerlockin follow Twitter @N_Watch and @avocetabs. To stay up to date on Avocet news and competitions join its Facebook page More information about ABS locks can be found at Alternatively call 01484 725725.

Joining a Neighbourhood Watch scheme is completely free and has been proven to reduce your chance of getting burgled. For further information and home security safety advice visit the Neighbourhood and Home Watch website:-

* According to research by Halifax Home Insurance.

If you are interested in having an ABS Snap Secure lock fitted to your property please contact us to arrange fitting by calling 0808 164 2928 or visit!


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