March 31, 2017 | Becki Hooper | Blog

Don’t be a Fool This April!


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Don't be a fool this April

Don’t be a fool this April!

Only 1 in 10 burglaries are solved and only 7% of stolen goods are recovered according to a recent post by The Huffington Post. There are many ways to avoid falling for the tricks of a burglar. This article highlights some well-known information burglars would never reveal, but it is vital information you should consider to help prevent becoming a victim of burglary.

Burglars don’t wear stripes

Burglars have often been depicted to wear black and white stripes in children’s comics and cartoons, however this is associated with prison stripes with the intention of presenting burglars as criminals to younger audiences.

Unlike common stereotypes, burglars are almost never dressed in black and white striped outfits, and will most commonly be dressed in everyday clothing in order to be comfortable and blend into a crowd when needed. At times burglars will also disguise themselves as servicemen in efforts to appear professional and trustworthy.

Burglars may have been inside before

Unfortunately, a burglar could also be someone you know or someone who lives nearby. Burglars will study your lifestyle including when you are home and the value of your belongings. As mentioned previously, burglars often gain the trust of homeowners by appearing as servicemen. Often burglars may have entered your home previously to repair something or deliver a large package, all while looking out for weak spots in your home security.

They may strike again

Often burglars will target the same house more than once. Most burglars want to spend minimal time in a property, therefore if they already know their way around a house they will potentially have a smaller chance of being detected. Second time around the burglar will also know where you hide your valuables and will be familiar with the entrances and exits are.

There are various products available to help you avoid becoming a victim of a burglary, however it is important to remember the most common point of entry used by a burglar is by simply opening your doors. For this reason, we recommend starting with upgrading the locks on your doors and a full home security and insurance compliance check by a security expert at Keytek Locksmiths, where you will be recommended high-quality products to increase the security of your home.