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Best home smart door locks in the UK 2017


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The best home smart door locks of 2017

Carrying front door keys may soon be something of the past as smart locks become increasingly popular. Now it is possible to enter your home with a simple push of a button. Here at KeytekTM we are taking a look at the smart locks of 2017, which can help secure your home and protect your valuables in an intelligent, prompt and effortless way.

Types of smart door locks

Smart door locks provide multiple means of entry, offering homeowners increased security and an alternative to using a front door key. The most common means of entry include keypads, biometric or Bluetooth.

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)- RFID locks allow entry by using a key fob or key card; this is used in most hotels.

Bluetooth- enabled locks- Locks which operate using Bluetooth will detect your smartphone’s Bluetooth ID and open when you approach.

Keypads and touch screens- Early smart locks use keypads as means of entry, offering the user to set up a unique pin code to gain access. Newer smart locks have replaced keypads with touch screens with panels instead of buttons, for sleeker design and increased security.

Biometric entry – Biometric entry smart locks use fingerprint identification to operate the lock. This is now operating on most current smartphones.

Top smart door locks of 2017

Kwikset Kevo Smart Lock

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This smart lock is one of the most popular available after receiving only positive reviews online.  Kevo allows users to track exactly who is locking and unlocking the front door with an app that sends notifications straight to your smartphone or tablet.

The Kevo Smart Lock contains a single cylinder Bluetooth-enabled deadbolt which can be locked or unlocked by touching the exterior side of the deadbolt, or with a key from the outside, as well as the turn piece from the inside. The feature users are most excited about is the in Home locking and unlocking using a smart device within Bluetooth range of the lock.


Ultraloq UL3 touchscreen lock

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The Ultraloq is a 3-in-1 touchscreen lock, allowing access via fingerprint, keypad code or key, designed for maximum flexibility, and to provide customers the option to eliminate the need to carry a house key. The advanced fingerprint identification technology uses scratchproof, dustproof and waterproof sensors to help make locking simple and secure. The lock can enrol 95 fingerprints and identifies the user in less than 0.5 seconds.


August Smart Lock

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The August lock resembles a round cylinder which replaces the inside section of a deadbolt, allowing the user to continue using the same key. The August lock and its companion app, also gives the option of using a smartphone as a smart key, and it also compatible with HomeKit, Nest and Xfinity. The smart lock allows the user to use their voice to ask Siri, Amazon Alexa or the Google Assistant to lock or unlock the door; this is particularly useful for occasions when the user is attempting to

open the door with both hands full.

An exciting feature of the lock is the 24/7 activity log which tracks exactly who enters and exits the users home, this is particularly accurate due to the virtual key feature which allows a user to send a unique virtual key to a guest, allowing them entry for a few weeks, hours, or even minutes.


Schlage Connect Touchscreen Deadbolt

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The Schlage smart lock meets the highest industry rating for security and durability tested beyond 250,000 uses. The Shlage single bolt electronic lock includes a touch-screen keypad which allows users to lock and unlock their door without keys. The lock is recognised for being equipped with an extremely loud alarm which will alert the user in there is activity, tamper or forced entry.




Yale Keyless Connected smart lock

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Yale is a name you can trust when it comes to home security products, and is very much the case with the Yale Keyless Connected smart lock. This lock gives the user freedom to not only secure their home without a key, but also without a smartphone if desired. It is completely the user’s choice whether they would prefer the door to be locked and unlocked via Pin code, key card, key tag, remote fob or smartphone.

The lock gives the user complete control over who and when people have access to their property, as PIN codes can be set for temporary access for a limited amount of time. The lock also features a tamper alarm and incorrect PIN code alert, ensuring your property is secured at all times.


Smart security for your home

Don’t stop with just locks on doors. Make sure your home is equipped with the latest smart security features including CCTV and smart radon detector. See how to make your house more secure with the latest smart technology.

Fitting smart door locks and regular locks

The front door is the first line of defence against intruders, burglars and unwanted visitors, therefore it is crucial to ensure your security is always up to date and of the highest quality. A smart lock is perfect those looking to make security easier, however we understand that a smart lock is not suitable for everyone, and some customers will prefer traditional methods. As security experts at KeytekTM Locksmiths, we want to ensure our customers are provided with the best service suited for them, for this reason all our locksmiths offer full home security and insurance compliance checks as a part of our service, and will ensure to recommend quality products that meet all your needs. Call 03303320589 or visit to book a locksmith today!

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