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Blink Security Cameras


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Security cameras are becoming all the rage in modern security systems, with a variety of brands offering different features. One of these brands offering a range of high spec cameras is blink.


What are Blink Cameras?

Blink is an Amazon owned company that makes home security cameras and devices. Their aim is to provide; affordable, innovative, and easy to use home security devices. Among their product ranges are battery powered indoor and outdoor cameras, the mini but mighty plug-in cameras and a wide variety of other home security measures. All these devices come with an impressive array of features that offer great security factors for every home.


Features of the Blink Camera Range

  • HD Video – 720p HD video means that all images of your home will be crystal clear, with little blurring or distortion.

  • Motion Detection – when activated any motion detected by the Blink camera will trigger the recording feature to capture a short video clip of whatever is happening in your home.

  • Instant Alerts – you will receive a notification to your phone, with a video attached. So, you can see instantly what is happening to set off your blink camera.

  • Live View Mode – you can instantly view a live feed from your home in the Blink app

  • Instant on- this feature means that your camera will start recording within a fraction of a second, meaning you won’t miss what’s caused the alert.

  • Temperature Sensor – the Blink camera has a built-in temperature sensor, meaning you can monitor the temperature at each location your cameras are in (a good feature if you plan to use this as a baby monitor)

  • Auto-arm/Disarm Function – you can schedule in the times you want your Blink camera to be armed and disarmed. This means you don’t have to set it manually each day.

  • Multi-System Support – if you have multiple properties, a holiday home or use Blink cameras for your business, you can have multiple blink systems that you can control from one app.

  • Privacy Assurance – you can be confident in the privacy of your footage, it’s non-hackable and the hardware-based LED indicator light shows you when the camera is active, meaning you’ll never be taken by surprise.

  • Low Light Illumination – a great little feature is the fact that the advanced low-light performance technology means you will always have full colour, HD video, whether it’s light or dark.

What we like about Blink Cameras

Easy installation, a wide range of features at an affordable price and a 2-year battery life is a big claim from Blink but by all indication these claims seem to be true, which leaves us thinking that the Blink cameras offers customers great security features in a minimalist package.


Easy Installation

The standard indoor and outdoor Blink cameras are wireless, meaning that they are a piece of cake to install. Simply attach to the desired spot and you are ready to go! Similarly, the Blink Mini is compact and easily plugged in with an optional swivel stand for optimal positioning.


Compatibility and Integration

Blink cameras have easy integration, not only do they connect to Amazon devices such as the Alexas and Echos, but they also connect to hundreds of smart home devices using IFTTT. This means that they can be seamlessly included into any existing smart system, to create a network of security in any home and with the ability to connect up to 10 devices to the cameras you can ensure security from anywhere.



With the outdoor camera sitting at £99.99, the indoor camera currently at £79.99 and the mini at an astonishing price of £34.99; the features that this range of cameras boasts far outweighs the price bracket and makes for a very smart purchase!


Minimalistic and Compact

Small and discreet, you can easily position any of these cameras covertly to ensure that your security device is well hidden should you wish to keep your spy a secret.

what is retrigger time on blink security camera

Blink Camera FAQs

Do Blink cameras record all the time?

Currently the Blink cameras don’t continuously record, however they can be set to start recording when motion is detected for any time interval.


What is Retrigger Time on Blink?

The duration between clips or the retrigger time allows you to disable your system. The system will capture a 5 second clip, wait 30 seconds for the retrigger time, and then capture another 5 second clip if movement persists all by default.


What is the maximum distance a Blink camera will detect motion?

When optimally placed they can detect motion up to an estimated 20 feet.


How does a Blink camera detect motion?

The Blink Outdoor used infrared to detect infrared energy (heat) from people, animals and vehicles.


What happens if a Blink camera detects motion?

When motion is detected the Blink camera will start recorded for the set amount of time and a push notification will be sent to any smart devices connected to the camera.