December 23, 2020 | Jessica Davies | Blog

Christmas Safety Tips 2020


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It’s the most wonderful time of the year… this year will be a little different for us all and we will be staying at home much more than we would probably like but it is still important to be vigilant when it comes to your home security. It comes as no surprise that the number of burglaries spike over the festive period with many expensive presents found under the tree. Check out our top 5 Christmas Security Tips for 2020 in our blog below:


  1. Hide it away

Never leave your presents (or any valuables) in-view of the windows. Many chance burglars are tempted by the shimmering of the wrapping paper and it will instantly make your home a target.


  1. Keep quiet on social media

It may be tempting to post your present stack on social media or share your new Christmas presents online but this could tempt burglars to track down your location and attack your home. You’d be surprised how easily burglars are now able to find your home address through social media. Remember it might be warming for you to publish photos of your children opening their presents but this still gives away the valuables found in your home.


  1. Cyber security

Another type of burglary that might slip through your mind is online burglary. Online scammers are also hot on the case around Christmas time as many of us will be receiving more emails from your online shopping orders or Christmas competitions. You might be shopping online more as of late, ensure the website you order from is a secure site, look for the ‘S’ after http:// a secure site will show as https://.


Never open a link or an attachment from an email address you don’t know and remember your bank will never ask for your pin code.


  1. Christmas lights

Christmas lights outside your house are a great way to spread joy but ensure you don’t feed your cable from the inside to the outside through a crack in the window. Burglars will be looking out for such thing and it makes entering your home easy work. Try using solar Christmas lights instead, this way you do not need to feed the wires through your home and also helps save on your energy consumption too!


  1. Lock your doors and windows

We know, we say it a lot. But it can never be said enough. Always lock your doors and windows when leaving your home, at night and even just whilst you’re sitting at home. If a burglar enters your home through an unlocked door or window you can almost guarantee your insurance claim will be void.


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We wish you all a happy and safe Christmas 2020. If you liked this blog why not check out our others including Winter Safety Tips 2020 and How and App can Save your Life!