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Best home security DIY deals for May bank holiday


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Want to find the best home security DIY deals for the May Bank holiday?

The May Bank Holiday is traditionally the time most Brits decide to get out their paint brushes and tool kits and start on home improvements and renovations to their properties. So if you do decide to hit the home stores this Bank Holiday try not to forget about the home security of your homes new makeover.


How to find deals online for DIY

It can often be hard to find the best DIY deals on Bank Holidays as many stores will be offering great offers to the surge of customers heading to home stores to tackle DIY during the Bank Holiday.

  • Try searching the clearance sections on home store websites before you head out to find the gems in the sale sections!

  • Websites like Hot Deals are also a great place to check as many people will post deals they have spotted out and about to save you doing the hunting.

  • Shop online and go and collect, this way you can search through the products, find the deals and go and collect them, so you can spend the rest of your time in the shop browsing for other bits that might take your fancy and reap the benefits of saving before you head down.


The best deals we found online for DIY

1. Homebase are offering 3 for 2 on bare root and potted hedging making the cheapest item free. As well as making your garden more interesting and appealing hedging is a great burglary deterrent and can act as a wall making it more difficult for intruders to enter your property.

2. Yale Store have got a fantastic offer on their essential padlocks with a clearance sale knocking down their brass standard shackles from £13.38 to £4.49!

3. Again, Yale Store are running a promotion slashing the price of their easy fit CCTV system from £310.00 to £180.00. Properties are 90% less likely to be burgled with CCTV system so if you don’t have one this is the perfect time snatch one up!

4. B&Q are clearing out on mains powered floodlights, you can pick up an adjustable motion timed PIR flood light for your home for just £16.00.

5. Again hunting through the B&Q clearance section we found these mains powered bollard lights from Cano taken down to £12.00 from £27.00. Illuminate your garden or driveway with a sleek modern design for just £12.00 compatible with energy saving bulbs!


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