March 16, 2017 | Becki Hooper | Blog

Don’t leave your safety to luck this St. Patrick’s Day


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Don’t leave your safety to luck this St. Patrick’s Day

To most St Patrick’s Day is considered a day of celebrating with friends and family, wearing lots of green and most commonly, enjoying a few drinks. While St Patrick’s Day should be a carefree celebration, don’t leave your safety and security to the luck of the Irish and prepare yourself by following our tips.

Plan ahead

Under no circumstances should someone drink and drive, therefore it is always smart to predetermine a way to get home, especially if you know you will be enjoying a few drinks. This can be done by designating a driver who will remain sober, arranging a taxi or planning another form of public transportation. Remember to prepare yourself by keeping travel fare separate from your spending money.

Drink responsibly

It is important to always know what your limit is when drinking in order to avoid any unwanted mishaps. Eating before you start drinking and drinking water to keep you hydrated will help to slow the absorption of alcohol into your bloodstream, and will help you avoid a March the 18th hangover.

Be wary

Be wary when accepting drinks from strangers and drinking unfamiliar drinks. It is also important to never leave your drinks unattended, always ask a friend to watch your drinks if you need to leave. For more information and advice regarding drinking safely visit the Drinkaware website on

Watch your belongings

Wallets, pots of gold and various other valuables can go missing while celebrating St Patrick’s Day, for this reason we recommend you avoid bringing unnecessary valuables with you. If you are hosting a St Patrick’s Day celebration in your own home, be sure you store your valuables in a safe place.

Finally….Wear green or get pinched!

An Irish tradition is to wear green on St Patrick’s day to respect and honour Ireland… so if you are celebrating this Friday why not join in the festivities and wear an item of green clothing, if not you might get pinched!

We hope that with these tips you are able to have an enjoyable, safe and lucky St Patrick’s Day. For more security tips visit Keytek security tips page.