February 1, 2018 | Becki Hooper | Blog

What is the future of home security?


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We seem to be living in an age of unlimited technological advancement. With big companies frequently releasing new gadgets and mobile phones becoming more powerful than a home computer, what does that mean for the future of home security?



These little flying machines started out a cool flying toy that most kids (and grownups) wanted for Christmas, however they are fast becoming a must have tool. Amazon is trialling delivery by drone and the army has used them for years. It looks like in the future drones can be used to protect your home. Using sensors that you place around your property, that can detect motion, vibration and sound meaning you can gain a 360 degree view of what’s going on around the house. So if one of the sensors goes off and you want to check whether it’s a fox or something more sinister, you can deploy the drone to investigate and it will send back a live video.


The drone can even ward away an unwanted visitor, like a fox or badger by using flashing lights and a warning noise. Or if you discover your partner has arrived home from work, the drone can guide them to the front door with a low level light. Sunflower Labs are working on this drone (see picture) Sunflowers know when people, animals, or cars come and go from your property. A network of sophisticated motion and vibration sensors make it possible to identify each type of activity. When something moves across your property, the Sunflower system tracks and categorizes it. When this hits the mainstream market, its going to be one of the best home security systems out there. for more info on the Sunflower system then visit the Sunflower Labs website.



Sound based A.I

There is a new burglar alarm in town! The Cocoon. The size of a cricket ball, the Cocoon listens to your home’s everyday sound patterns, to build a picture of your life. Cocoon can learn the difference between you coming home from work, your dog pottering around or if something unusual occurs, such as a break in.

This smart machine uses low-level sound waves (infrasound) that human ears cannot detect. Infrasound is caused by movement and travels through the walls and floors of your home, so by detecting it Cocoon could detect even very subtle activity, like a hand against the glass of your window. It’s based on the concept that you can tell who is coming through the front door without looking, or can tell which of your children is coming up the stairs just by the sound of their footsteps. To find out more about Cocoon visit https://cocoon.life/



Facial recognition software

A pilot scheme was run in 2011 in Rotterdam which trailed the use of facial recognition cameras in retail. A customer rings on the doorbell of a high-end jeweller and instantly, the camera scans his face and cross references his image with a list of known shoplifters from the local police department. The shopkeeper is told this man has a police record for shoplifting, so does not let him in. This was way back in 2011, so it would seem logical it would not be long before we employ the same technology to our own houses.

There is already camera doorbells linked to your phone, so you are able to see who is at your front door. But this would take it a step further by telling you if the man claiming to be from the gas board is actually a criminal. There may be a few kinks to iron out before you can buy a facial recognition doorbell on Amazon, data protection being one.

Info from- http://www.bbc.com/future/story/20151120-catching-a-thief-by-their-face


State of the art cameras


This one is not actually a device of the future, but one you can get now! The Nest is a smart camera device that is connected you your phone. You will receive a notification if the Nest suspects someone is either in your property or outside. You can check the feed and see if there is someone sneaking around. You can then speak into the app, directly to the intruder, scaring them away!  It will also help you catch the burglars, by giving you a clear image of their face.

The Nest will also make false alarms the thing of the past, the algorithms pick out the activity you care about. You can personalise your notifications by setting a special alert for when the Nest Cam Outdoor senses someone walking up the front steps, or a head appears in the frame. Or you can get an alert if something happens in a zone you have specified, around a doorway or a bike rack for example.
You can also connect the Nest to light bulbs and window blinds to make it seem as if you are home, even when you are not. Systems like this are the future, by connecting to apps on our phones and using relatively small devices within the home. For more info on the Nest visit-https://nest.com/uk/cameras/


Smart Door Locks

Coming seemingly from a sci-fi movie, the Yale Smart Door Lock is another item you can buy currently.  Yale gives you the freedom to secure your front door without the use of keys.


There are many ways you can open your door, including via a pin code, remote fob, or even with your Smartphone (using the app). Yale smart door locks allow you to unlock your door remotely, from anywhere. A feature that is useful for letting in guests, cleaners or carers. If a member of your family loses a key or forgets their code you can give them access all from your smart phone. A bonus is that you can keep track on who is going through your door and at what time.

While you wait for the newest technology to become available to the average household, then there are many things you can do to make your home safer. Visit our Security tips page, for simple, practical ways to deter intruders and secure your house.