June 1, 2015 | Becki Hooper | Blog

Garden Security Tips


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Keep your garden and home secure by taking these simple home security steps…

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Keep your garden tidy

Keeping your front garden tidy and secure could help to prevent a break-in. If you have bins or other storage items out in your garden, they could be used as a foot up, or a tool to break glass to gain entry to the house. If you are worried about burglars using garden furniture to gain access then you can bolt them down, meaning they can’t be moved to be used as a foot up. Leaving a ladder out, is like leaving your front door wide open, it’s an invitation for a burglar to gain access, so make sure these are also securely stored away.


Improve your fence or perimeter

Trim back any hedges and make sure the front of your house is clearly visible from the road as a burglar will be more confident if they cannot be seen by your neighbours or any passers-by. Gates, fencing, walls or hedges shouldn’t be more than 1 metre high. If your fence is taken over 2 meters then you will need planning permission. Add trellis to make your fence difficult to climb. Or plant thorny bushes to discourage people from trying to climb over.


Use gravel pathways

Using gravel for pathways will be impossible for an intruder to walk on it without making a sound and will help to alert you to their presence.


Check for Gaps in your fencing

Go along the perimeter of your garden and check for any weak spots in your fence or wall. Replace any loose fence panels. This should stop a potential thief gaining access to your garden easily.

Make sure your shed or garage are secure

Garden sheds and garages are often an easy target for a burglar as they are often over looked in terms of security. The contents of a shed can add up to hundreds if not thousands of pounds especially if you are using it to store valuables such as lawn mowers, strimmers, tools and bicycles. As a result it is definitely worth investing in additional security for your shed or garage.

Garden Tools

According to Halifax the average garden is worth £1,928, so leaving your garden tools out on display is the same as leaving jewellery on your window ledge. A thief is looking for a quick opportunity to grab anything they can, so don’t make it easy for them. Make sure you lock your expensive tools away in a secure box, or in a secure shed. It’s the same if you keep your bike in the garden, keep it hidden or securely locked.


Solar Garden Lights

Have solar powered motion sensing lights fitted to the outside of your home. This will act as a great burglary deterrent as they are often more confident in the dark. To make the most of your outdoor solar lights then you need to make sure you follow a few simple guidelines.


Positioning- Areas

Make sure you’ve got all important areas covered, front door, back door, shed etc. However you will need to make sure you’ve got enough lighting to leave no blind spots around the garden, it might be best to have several dimmer outdoor solar lights, than one really bright solar light. If you leave blind spots in the garden, it’s easier for a burglar to move around unseen.


Positioning- Placement

Placement is important in making your outdoor solar lights effective, to high and you’ll not have enough light, to low and you won’t get the coverage you need.

The light that comes down from a correct height will be softer. Meaning you’ll get fewer blind spots created by shadows. It’s also much easier to get a full coverage of your garden, if they are placed at the correct height. If you have your outdoor solar lights lower to the ground, then you will need to purchase more to get full coverage.

You need to make sure that any light you place in your garden is placed high and points down, so you don’t cause light pollution and annoy your neighbours.

Protecting your Outdoor Security Lights

Your solar lights are there to keep your home safe, but what’s to stop someone stealing them!? This is another reason to place them at an appropriate height; it will be harder to tamper with them, if the burglar can’t reach. Another plus of having outdoor solar lights, is that there are no wires to cut, so they can’t be disabled with that way.


Get the right colour bulbs

If you’re tempted to go for some funky coloured lights for your garden. Don’t. While they may look great, they are not good for security. White or clear bulbs make much better security lights as they produce a much brighter, cleaner light. Having coloured lights could also interfere with identifying a burglar, as the colour effect could change the way the intruder’s clothes look.


Get motion activated lights

Avoid having outdoor solar lights that are on all the time, lights constantly being on, means you may be giving a potential intruder a great view of what’s there to steal. By having lights that come on when activated means any intruders eyes will have to adjust from darkness to bright light and this can be disorientating and will hopefully encourage them to leave your property. A burglar is most likely going to be on edge when breaking in to your house, so if they are suddenly bathed in light, this could cause them to panic and run off.