December 5, 2016 | Becki Hooper | Blog

The Grinch Who Didn’t Steal Christmas


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The grinch who didn't steal christmas

The Grinch Who Didn’t Steal Christmas

The festive times are approaching

Soon the turkey will be ready for roasting

Family will be coming from far and wide!

Use these tips to keep them safe and secure this Yuletide.

You’ve bought your gifts all shiny and new,

Remember to keep them out of view.

It can be fun to show your presents on Twitter and Facebook,

But if it’s public, your posts could lure in a pesky crook!

Don’t leave parcels out on the doorstep for too long,

It may be stolen if a thief comes along.

Deterrents will make your home look occupied,

Burglars are less likely to strike if someone’s inside.

Although it sounds obvious you’ll be shocked,

How many people don’t keep windows and doors locked!

Remember these tips are useful all year round,

To help keep your home and loved ones safe and sound.

Merry Christmas From Keytek®  Locksmiths!

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