October 31, 2018 | Becki Hooper | Blog

Halloween Safety Tips


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Children trick or treating in different Halloween costumes

Halloween is a night for fun and game, with great costumes and lots of sweets. However if your children are going out for Halloween then you need to take some precautions to make sure everyone has a safe time as well as a fun time.


It will be Dark! 

  • Bright Costumes– wearing dark colours makes it harder for your child to be seen at night, so try dressing your kids up in bright costumes and add some reflective stuff to dark costumes.


  • Make it glow– A perfect way to jazz up someone’s costume is to add some glow sticks, bike lights or reflective tape. Not only does this add some fun to the costume but also makes your child easier to be seen.


  • No Masks!– Putting a mask on your child may obstruct their view in the dark, try using face paints instead. This means your child will be able to see cars when crossing the road and save them bumping into other trick or treaters.


Is their costume safe?

  • Make sure it fits– Be sure that your child’s costume is not too long for them, walking up and down the street in the dark with a hem that too long is a recipe for disaster.


  • Do they have allergies?– Make sure your child is not allergic to the face paint you want to use, so they don’t have a reaction before they go out. It’s also important to make sure they wash it all off properly before bed.


  • Is it Flammable?– This one is a biggie. There are lots of candles out on Halloween, and if a cape or flowy costume gets caught on the flame then it can be very serious. Make sure any costume you buy has the CE mark that means its flame-retardant. We also suggest using lights instead of naked flames to light any pumpkins or other decorations.


Stay safe on the street 

  • Teeny-tiny Trick or Treaters-anyone young or not old enough to wonder the streets by themselves must be accompanied by a responsible adult.


  • Go as a group– older children should go out in groups, which route they take should be approved by and adult and they need to stick to it. Use phones to check in regularly and set a curfew for them to be home by.


  • Go to Halloween friendly houses– not everyone celebrates Halloween, only go to houses that you know, or that have Halloween decorations outside.


  • Never go in– Children should always stay on the doorstep, they should never enter a house of someone they don’t know.


  • Follow the rules of the road– children should cross the road carefully, using crossings where possible. If you are driving then you need to go slow and be vigilant.


What’s in the bag?

  • Check the Sweets– have a look through all the sweets your child has collected to make sure they are all safe. Any that look tampered with or homemade should be thrown away


  • Food Allergies– Make sure there are no sweets that will set off your child’s allergies, and if you’re not sure, just throw them away.


  • Spare a thought for teeth- Sweets are extremely sugary, make sure you child brushes their teeth properly after eating them.



Have a fun and safe Halloween!