January 27, 2017 | Becki Hooper | Blog

Happy Chinese New Year!


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A New Year is often a time to reflect on advances made over the years and to speculate potential future progression. Over the years we have seen an advance in smart home automation, especially in the home security sector, with the aim of providing peace of mind at the touch of a button. We are using the Chinese New Year 2017 to look at China’s smart home market, specifically the successes of tech giants and white goods manufacturers Alibaba, Xiaomi and Haier.


Alibaba Group Holdings Ltd is a Chinese e-commerce company founded in 1999. March 2014 saw Alibaba enter a partnership with Midea Group to develop a smart air conditioner. The successful growth of the smart air conditioners influenced Alibaba to unveil their ‘Smart Living’ business and introduce their own version of a smart-home app called Ali-smart in early 2015. Ali-smart has partnered with over 100 appliance and electronics manufacturers which produce a huge range of products from water heaters to network routers.


Xiaomi Inc is one of the world’s largest smartphone markets, therefore capturing the smart home market was a logical target. The Chinese electronic company unveiled various smart home gadgets including the Ants smart webcam, Mi smart power plug, Yeelight smart light bulb and smart air purifier. The founder of Xiaomi, Lei Jun made clear that home automation is a priority business area and key to the company’s success.


Haier Group Corporation is a consumer electronics and home appliances company who hold the world’s largest market share in white goods. The CEO of the company stated the focus of the business was moving towards home automation as oppose to overseas acquisitions. Haier partnered with Chinese smartphone maker Meizu in early 2015 in order to construct connected home appliances, this was alongside collaborations with various other companies including Microsoft.

While China has had many successes in the smart home industry, the UK is also progressing and continuously creating various innovative products. The Keytek Shop sell a variety of smart fingerprint operated door locks which aim to use smart technology to increase your homes security. The locks are available for both UPVC and wooden doors on https://www.keytekshop.co.uk/product/era-ilock-fx1-fingerprint-handle and https://www.keytekshop.co.uk/product/era-ilock-fx3-fingerprint-lock. While smart home technology and home automation is an exciting prospect for home security, it is crucial not to forget basic measures which are equally as effective.