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Happy Christmas from Keytek Locksmiths!


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Stay secure and have a Happy Christmas by following our Home Security Tips!

Happy New Year from Keytek Locksmiths

Security Tips

Use British Standard locks.

In order for any type of lock to be classed as ‘British Standard’ the lock must have been through strict testing this includes the strength, durability and its security. You need to look for the British Standard Kitemark to make sure your lock is British Standard. By using these locks you can give yourself a sense of security, knowing they have been through rigorous testing.


Bins and Ladders should be stored away from your home

These could be used by any potential thief to gain entry to your house.


Put away your valuables

Never leave any valuables in direct view of a window, it’s like advertising the contents of your home to any potential intruder.


Don’t share holiday plans on social media

Letting everyone now when and for how long you will be away from your property is dangerous. An empty house is a burglars dream.


Make it look like someone is home

Invest in a light timer, you can set you lamps to go on and off during the day, even if you’re away! Giving the illusion that someone is in the property. You can take this to the next level by purchasing a TV simulator that gives the impression that someone is watching the television inside your home.


Fit a security light outside

Having a security light on a sensor outside your property will deter burglars as they are often more confident when it’s dark.


Store all house and car keys away from the front door

This will help stop what is known as ‘key fishing’ which is method of entry used by burglars, utilising the letterbox. A letterbox cage or guard is a good protection method as is a key safe.

 Lock your doors!

Of course the most simple thing you can do to secure your home is to make sure all the windows and doors are locked. The majority of intruders will use an unlocked door or window to gain entry.