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Home Security Drones


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With smart home security systems becoming more common and camera doorbells being the norm for quite a few homes, you might be wondering what’s next for home security.

Well, it’s looking like in the next few years we may be using drones for home security! Currently drones are only being used for security commercially, but tech giant Amazon have just announced the ‘Always Home Cam’ which is a camera attached to a drone with enclosed propellers for indoor use only. And we all know normally where amazon starts, others follow.

We are going to look at how drones are currently used for security and how they could be used for home security in the future!


Home Security Drones

It’s being predicted that by the end of 2025 the drone industry is likely to reach $129.3 billion dollars, which should tell you it won’t be long until they are in and around our homes. Here’s why they are good for security, not just in the home, but commercially as well;

1.      Enhanced Security

With powerful drones you can have eyes on your home and business at all times, no matter your location. Some security drones have now, using AI, have become so advanced that they can detect suspects even if they are concealing a weapon. Drones can also communicate with any motion sensors you have, meaning they can deploy when the sensor is tripped, this means you will have eyes on the incident quicker than a person on foot or a static camera. This is especially useful if you have a very large facility.

2.      Cost Effective

If you need your business or home monitored 24/7, employing round the clock security is very expensive. Using drones can cut this cost right down. Once you’ve paid out for the drone system, you won’t have to pay a weekly wage or adhere to any requirements that employees need. You can set the drone to do scheduled patrols, eliminating the risk of human error and reducing risks all together. This means your business and home is more secure.

3.      No Risk to Human Life

If your home or business experiences a break-in, it’s much safer to send a drone to check out what is happening, especially if the intruder is still on the property. No matter how much a drone costs, it can be replaced if damaged or destroyed, this cannot be said of human security guards.

Home Security Drones Guide by Keytek Local Locksmith in UK


The Ring Always Home Cam

Never one to stay stagnant, Ring (owned by amazon) are always finding new and innovative ways to protect your home and advance home security.

Ring are one of the biggest players in the home security industry and are famous for their camera doorbells. Jamie Siminoff, founder of Ring, said that he heard customers expressing a wish to be able to check if they had le the door ajar or the stove on, and so the idea for the Always Home Cam was born.

What is the Always Home Cam?

The Always Home Cam is an autonomous indoor security camera that will fly at a pre-set, personalised route around your home, for ultimate peace of mind. As with all Ring products, the Always Home will integrate with the other Ring security products and is controlled by the Ring app. Once set in ‘away mode’ the Always Home will automatically fly your chosen route, if triggered. The camera will live stream the images to your smart phone so you are able to see what is going on.

Features of the Always Home Cam

If you are worried about privacy, Ring have taken some steps to keep you safe. The camera is physically blocked when the drone is docked, so no images can be recorded. The camera itself will only record when in flight. Ring has also made the Always Home emit a humming noise when recording, so everyone will be aware that its recording and that it’s in motion.

The always home has object avoidance technology, so the risk of it banging into walls and furniture is minimal. Its propellers are covered, so the chance of serious damage in minimal, but founder Jamie has said “you should keep it away from your Van Gough”.

Where Can I Get It?

The Always Home Cam is still in its development stages, so you can’t just go out and buy one. Ring are looking for people to work with them to improve and adapt the Always Home functionality, before it’s released to a mass market. Currently the Always Home Cam is available exclusively by invitation.

Looking at how Ring and its parent company Amazon have always been front runners in technology and home security, we are pretty confident that these will be available to buy soon and then become something of a standard security practice within a few years.


Sunflower Labs

Started in 2016 by three guys who wanted to innovate the security world, Sunflower Labs have created a security system using security drones. Creators of The Bee (a drone) and the Beehive (the docking system), this drone in a box solution can integrate with your existing security cameras and sensors to provide ultimate home security.

When triggered the beehive will open, allowing the Bee to take off in under 5 seconds. The Bee has the capability to respond to any unauthorised activity within 4 acres in under 30 seconds. Once you have planned a path the Bee will navigate it autonomously, perform the sweep and land safely back in the ‘beehive’. You will not need to control the drone manually.

Much like the Always Home, the Bee has real time object detection, so can navigate around obstacles with ease. It can also learn what the best flight paths are and improve future sweeps. With its property map and Geofencing the Bee should always stay inside the set perimeter of your property. If the bee detects an intruder, you will get clear visual conformation and it will track them, even if the lighting isn’t good.

The beehive is the main brains of the operation with the Bee designed to land safely back in the beehive every time, even in winds up to 30km! However, in an emergency, detailed built in protocols meaning the Bee lands and will disarm safely. When the Bee lands in the beehive it charges automatically and will reach full charge in only 22 minutes, even from complete depletion.

These are only available for commercial and business properties, but keep an eye out, Sunflower Labs may expand into home security solutions.


What This Means for Home Security Drones

Home Security Drones guide by Keytek Local Locksmith in UK

With Amazon leading the way with an indoor drone for home security, you can be pretty sure other companies will also be working on their own version. Much like video doorbells, home security drones will slowly become the norm and become more and more integrated into society.