October 2, 2020 | Jessica Davies | Blog

How to Know When to Change your Locks!


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Our front door locks are the first step in our home security, and knowing they are in working order gives us peace of mind. With daily wear and tear on them, they need to be regularly serviced and maintained, but how do you know when they need to be replaced. There are a few scenarios in which we as experienced Locksmiths strongly recommend that you change your locks.



1.  You Have Moved into a New Home

When moving into a new home it can be easy to forget about security amongst all of the boxes and chaos but you should look to replace all your door locks as soon as possible, ideally on the day that you move in to ensure that your new home is secure. Unfortunately, you will never know if someone might have an odd key to your home, who might have made a copy or how many keys might have been lost. Changing the locks will eliminate the possibility that someone could have a key to your home.


2.  Your Lock is Not Working as it Should

With multiple daily uses, wear and tear is a common thing and can cause your locks to lose effectiveness in terms of security. It is easy to ignore little issues, but they can turn into big problems down the line, increasing the chances of your lock completely breaking and leaving you unable to use your door.


We suggest calling out an accredited Locksmith if you experience any issues with your door and locks. Calling out a Locksmith early will help to lower the cost as you can organise a time within working hours which will reduce the labour rate for the Locksmith and they might be able to identify bigger underlying issues that would have caused havoc in the future if left unseen.


3.  You’ve Lost Your Keys

Whether they have been lost or stolen, if you have misplaced your keys you should always change your locks. If someone was to pick up your keys they have access to your house, and especially if they have any identifying information about who you are and where you live.


4.  You’ve Ended a Lease

Whether you’re a landlord who has just had a tenant leave or you have changed roommates, always consider changing the locks as you will never know if any extra keys have been made and how might be able to let themselves in.


5.  You Have Been Burgled

If you have been burgled, it can be hard to identify all of the items that might be missing from your home including if a set of spare keys that might be missing. No matter the way a burglar might have gained unlawful entry to your home, you should always change all of your locks as soon as you can. Do be aware however that you will need to wait until the Police have arrived and given you the go ahead to start changing your locks, this is because they may want to take evidence and changing anything might tamper with this. If for some reason you need to change the locks before the police have arrived, make the Locksmith aware of this fact so that they can wear appropriate PPE.


6.  Your lock is cheap

Not all locks are created the same, and many have different security features to keep your home safe. By investing in higher quality security locks you can protect against common forced entry techniques, such as Cylinder Snapping.


7.  Your Locks are Outdated

We do recommend changing your locks every few years as with new security updates and technologies the security that older locks have can become outdated quickly. Worn locks are also easier to break into, so locks that have seen their fair share of wear and tear can be more susceptible to intrusion.



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