June 25, 2021 | HFerris | Blog

Keytek Joins Checkatrade!


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We are now proudly a member of the UK’s number 1 way to find trusted tradespeople, Checkatrade! As the UK’s leading Locksmith community, we continually strive for excellence as we set the standards for the industry and being a Checkatrade member is a further commitment to our high standards of practise.


What is Checkatrade?

Checkatrade is the ultimate place for customers to find professional, reliable, and trustworthy tradespeople, with their list of certified members ranging from builders to plumbers to Locksmiths to gardeners. They offer a partnership between members and customers, where only the best businesses are connected to customers to ensure excellent products and customer services.

All members need to adhere to ‘The Checkatrade Standard’ where 7 detailed guidelines are laid out, providing best practices for everything health and safety to resolving issues. Compliance of these guidelines ensure that all members are up to scratch and customer receive only the best experiences.

Checkatrade also provides customers a platform to leave detailed and informed reviews about businesses to share their experiences with other would be customers and to ensure the real gems of the industry shine through.


Why Have We Joined Checkatrade?

From the outset, Keytek® Locksmiths has been committed to providing customers with experienced, professional, and trustworthy Locksmiths and we believe Checkatrade matches us in this vision.

We, as a leader in the industry, are committed to the further education and expertise of all Locksmiths to ensure that all customers receive only the best Locksmith services. We feel our partnership with Checkatrade ensures that customers can be assured of the excellence that we as experts provide. To become a member, we had to meet a specific criteria with our qualifications, insurance references and code of ethics vetted rigorously by Checkatrade experts to confirm our high code of contacts already in place.


Receiving Customer Feedback Through Checkatrade

All Keytek® Locksmiths adhere to a professional code of conduct, where feedback plays an important role. We strongly believe that customer feedback is an essential part of maintaining our high practices of conduct and now that we are a member of Checkatrade, it has opened another platform where customers can share their experiences with us, and we can continually self-assess to ensure service excellence.


What this Means for Keytek Customers

For all Keytek® customers; whether past, present, or future, our membership with Checkatrade ensures that they will not only continue to receive excellent customer service but are offered even more avenues for feedback where we can continue to improve and adapt our services.

We strive to consistently raise our already high standards and to further promote the confidence that customers can have in their home security and the standards of the Locksmiths they are calling out.

Locksmiths are often called out in times of crisis and stress and ensuring professionalism and expertise from all Locksmiths in the industry through partnership with external moderators only raises the bar for the industry as a whole. We believe our partnership with Checkatrade not only be hugely successful for both customers and our Locksmiths but also for the entire industry.


Regulating the Industry

Unfortunately, as an unregulated industry, there are many rogue Locksmiths out there that don’t offer the professionalism and standards of practise that we would expect from our Locksmiths. This can lead to over pricing, lower standards of practise and no accountably for poor services.

This can understandably cause potential customers to be wary when booking with a Locksmith so our partnership with a recognised regulator such as Checkatrade we hope will only increase customer confidence.