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Make Home Security your New Years Priority


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make home security your new years priority

Make Home Security your New Years Priority – Infographic

It’s that time of the year again when we decide what changes we would like to make in order to improve the New Year that follows. Unfortunately most resolutions are likely to be disregarded by the end of January, so this year consider making simple changes to your home security, that are easy to maintain and will make a huge difference to your home security.

January is the perfect time for opportunistic thieves to strike. With homes full of expensive Christmas gifts and gadgets, unsecured homes are easy targets for burglaries. We have compiled simple home security resolutions that you will keep your home and its contents safe and secure.

Make it a Habit

This year get into the habit of locking your doors and windows and setting your security system every time you leave the house, even if you’re making a quick trip to the shops. It is also wise to make a habit of locking your doors even when you are home, this will construct a safer environment for you, your family and your property.

Remember to Check

It is your responsibility to ensure the effectiveness of your home security measures. It is important to regularly check the performance of your security, whether this means changing the batteries of your fire and smoke detectors, or checking if the home security system is up to date and functioning correctly.

Upgrade Your Locks

The locks on windows and doors can often become worn out and problematic, especially in winter weather, so why not start the New Year with an upgrade. A local locksmith will able to carry out a full home security and insurance compliance check and recommend quality products that conform to all of the relevant standards for your insurance and your peace of mind.

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Choose Smart Security

Why not commit to increasing your security by automating your home security system this year. With smart home systems you can connect devices such as CCTV cameras, home security systems, the lights and even doorbell remotely from a smart phone or tablet.

Whether you enhance your home security by creating good habits or installing new security measures, securing your home is a simple resolution that you can keep for years to come. Happy New Year from Keytek Locksmiths!

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