Motorhome Security

motorhome security

Your motorhome is not only an expensive asset, it is also most likely filled with valuable contents, making them a popular target for thieves. Whether your motorhome is worth £1000 or £100,000, there is always a risk of theft, for this reason it is essential to use the best possible security measures to help keep your motorhome and its contents safe and secure.

There are many simple ways to keep your motorhome secure, the same as any home, such as ensuring you remember to lock your windows and doors when the vehicle is vacant and to avoid leaving valuables on display. For additional security, there is a wide range of security products available that help to deter thieves and reduce the risk of theft.

Motorhome Security Products:

Wheel clamp

Wheel clamps act as an instant visual deterrent as they take time to remove. Wheel clamps ensure your motorhomes’s wheels are completely immobilised and near impossible to move, therefore it cannot be driven.

Steering wheel lock

A steering wheel lock will fit across the steering wheel of your motorhome, and similar to a wheel clamp, they act as visual deterrents and immobilisers.

Handbrake/gear lock

A gear lock will lock your gear stick to your handbrake, increasing the effort required to steal your motorhome, therefore deterring opportunist thieves.


Most modern motorhomes will come equipped with an alarm, however if your motorhome is an older model there are plenty of alarms on the market which will increase your security. Alarms will have various features such as internal motion sensors, external sensors and built-in cameras.

Security post

Security posts are ideal for those who keep their motorhome at home. A security post is a simple, yet effective form of security which can be used in driveway and garage entrances.

Tracking device

A tracking device will monitor your home at all times, letting you know exactly where your vehicle is. If your motorhome does get stolen, a signal is sent by a remote control centre pinpointing your motorhomes exact location, giving you a much higher chance of retrieving it.

Finally, when increasing the security of your motorhome you will also need to bear in mind the requirements of your insurance company. Many policies will state the security measures required in order to keep your policy valid so you are covered should the worst happen. Make sure your policy not only covers your motorhome itself, but also the valuables inside it. For more tips regarding security of your home and belongings visit



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