January 23, 2017 | Becki Hooper | Blog

National Bath Safety Month


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National bath security month

National Bath Safety Month

The bathroom can often become the most dangerous places in a home, with hard surfaces that easily become slippery and the storing of hazardous products such as medicine and toiletries, it is important to protect yourself and your family from mishaps in the bathroom. Bathrooms can pose a particular risk for children, for that reason we recommend you utilise National Bath Safety Month to review the safety and security of your bathrooms, in efforts to eliminate accidents from occurring.


The bathroom should be sufficiently lit at all times and any light fixtures should supply enough lighting for the whole room, including in showers and closets. Consider placing a night light on the path to the bathroom in order to make trips to the bathroom easier in the night.


Cabinets are often used to store high-risk items, and therefore should be secured adequately. In order to keep medicine, toiletries and cleaning products out of reach of children, they should be stored in high cupboards or cabinets which can be secured with a lock or latch.

Secure the Door

The simplest method to steer clear of mishaps in the bathroom is to prevent children from entering unsupervised. It is important to keep the door shut and secured at all times, this can be achieved by installing a latch high up on the door. It should be taken into account that any locks inside the bathroom should also unlock from the outside, in order to prevent children being locked in.

Lock the Toilet!

It isn’t uncommon to find young children have put toys and household items into the toilet, fortunately there is an easy solution! A toilet seat lock can help to prevent incidents and is extremely easy to install with no bolts or adhesives required.

We encourage using this National Bath Safety Month to review the security of your whole house. It is crucial to ensure homes have adequate security, starting with the locks on your doors. Call a local locksmith to carry out a full home security and insurance compliance check ob 03303320589 or visit keytek.co.uk today.