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New Year New Career


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A Career as a Locksmith

A new year means new opportunities, and as the New Year commences it is around this time people establish what changes they will make in order to ensure the year ahead more successful than the previous. A change in career is undoubtedly one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions, so if you are considering becoming a Locksmith, or just brushing up on your Locksmithing skills, the Keytek® Locksmith Training Academy offers a range of courses according to your training level.


Locksmith Training

Training to become a Locksmith can often present a stable and rewarding career. The industry is extensive and comprises a variety of areas in both domestic and commercial sectors, ensuring trained Locksmiths are in constant demand. There are many reasons Locksmiths are needed, such as to ensure people are sufficiently secured and protected in their homes and businesses, to provide security checks that assure all security fitted abides by the requirements of insurance companies, and for general wear and tear, repairs, and replacements along with a huge variety of other requirements. A career in the Locksmith industry provides a huge amount of job satisfaction and is rewarding in many ways, including the possibility of recession proof earnings as the industry is usually unaffected despite the wider economy. A Locksmith career offers flexibility as the industry does not operate on a 9 to 5 basis, allowing you to adjust your hours around your personal life.


Keytek® Locksmith Academy

With a huge number of training providers and courses to consider, finding the appropriate Locksmith trainer ‘for you’ is a crucial step to starting your career. It is important to research the vast range of training available, such as professional bodies and standards, individual or group training or gaining relevant work experience. There are many levels of training which can be gained depending on whether you require foundation skills training or need specific skills to enhance your knowledge.

The Keytek® Locksmith Training Academy offers courses suited for newcomers to the Locksmith industry, and for professionals looking to progress their existing skills with the most recent techniques and technology. The Keytek® Locksmith Training Academy has been operating since 2010 in Poole, Dorset, and has over time advanced considerably. The Academy is now the leading Locksmith training provider in the UK and the only Locksmith training provider in the country to hold courses that provide an NCFE Level 4 Accreditation, the highest level within the industry. The continuous objective of the Academy is to provide those who are wishing to pursue a career in the Locksmith industry sufficient support, through courses lead by highly experienced industry professionals, in state of the art facilities.

If you have any questions regarding the courses provided by the Keytek® Locksmith Training Academy or would like to be sent an information pack, please call the Academy Team on 01202 711195 or find out more about the Locksmith courses we run by visiting www.locksmiths-training.co.uk.

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