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New Year, Smarter Technology!


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New Year Smarter Technology

Every year we become increasingly advanced in technology, resulting in the inception of innovative products which provide smarter methods to protecting our homes. The International Consumer Electronics Show is a trade show which takes place annually in order to bring innovative technology companies and influences together to showcase latest products and trends. In recent years there has been a huge increase in security products, we have collated a list of innovative security products unveiled for 2017.

Kuri the Robot Nanny

Kuri is a domestic robot which communicates to its user with facial expressions, head movements and sounds. Kuri possesses numerous features:

  • Capacitive touch sensors which allow Kuri to respond to human touch in a personal way.
  • A surveillance camera with live stream capabilities and facial recognition software.
  • Microphones which allow Kuri to react to your voice, recognize speech and detect sounds.
  • Powerful speakers to deliver a rich sound experience.
  • Mapping Sensors which enable Kuri to navigate your home, learn and remember where items are located and to avoid obstacles in his path.
Kuri robot nanny
Chris Monroe/CNET



Airthings Wave

Airthings Wave is a smart radon detector which alerts members of a household to dangerous levels of radon in the environment. Wave contains temperature and humidity sensors in order to improve accuracy, and help provide early warnings of incipient mould formation.

The detector provides a visual indication of radon levels by using green, amber and red lights, and simply requires standard AA batteries to operate. The Airthings Wave app can be used alongside the detector, providing radon level readings and reports, and simply connects to the detector via Bluetooth.

airthings wave radon detector

Ring Floodlight Cam

Ring has launched an outdoor motion-activated security camera with built-in 3K lumen LED floodlights, an 110-decibel security alarm, infrared vision, facial recognition and two-way audio.

The camera is controlled using an app, which allows the user to protect their property from anywhere, by flashing the lights, sounding the alarm and zooming the camera in on subjects. Whenever motion is detected, the Ring Floodlight Cam sends notifications to a smartphone, tablet or PC, allowing the user to monitor their property wherever they are and providing complete peace of mind.

ring floodlight cam



2016 saw some enormous progression in smart home technology, and moving into 2017 we are already seeing new developments in technology and an increase in capabilities. While all these innovative products are exciting, it is important not to overlook the importance of basic home security, starting with the locks on your doors. Call a local locksmith today to carry out a full home security and insurance compliance check on 03303320589 or visit keytek.co.uk today!

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