April 12, 2022 | Heather Drake | Blog

Ready for a blissful Easter 2022 holiday? Be egg-stra safe with your home security!


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You may be deciding where to go on holiday over Easter 2022, or what the best place to visit with your family over the Easter weekend might be. This is the time where many people go away for a break, but it can also be an opportunity for burglars to try and break in.

Whether you’re hopping on a plane with your family or are going to hang out with your chicks, there’s no egg-cuses for not protecting your home whilst you are away. Here are the best ways to protect your home when you’re away this Easter holiday.

Check out our Ultimate Home Security Guide to get ideas on how to improve your home security, and check out our holiday checklist before you go!


Lock Your Home Up

Before hopping away from your home, make sure that you’ve locked up correctly. Most burglars look for an easy way in, so if a window or door is left open they will exploit this and can use it to enter. So, make sure all windows on every floor are closed and locked, and your front, back, garage and conservatory doors are all locked shut too, double locking if you’re able. You can also check out smart locks as an option to add to your home security system.

Think about if your locks need changing or upgrading before you go away. These are the top signs that your locks might need replacing. Not sure what you’re looking for? Find your local locksmith and get them to check your locks for you.


Set your Burglar Alarm System

Having a burglar alarm system will give your home an extra layer of protection. When you leave for your holiday to visit the Easter bunny, make sure you set your burglar alarm and keep it turned on. Whether it’s a smart device that alerts your phone or just one that makes a loud sound when your home is broken into, it helps to deter a burglar from your home as they won’t want to be caught out.

If you’re thinking about adding an alarm system to your home security, then have a look at the best burglar alarm options. Have you thought about adding indoor or outdoor security cameras as well?


Draw Your Curtains

If you’re deciding whether to leave your curtain open or closed, it’s best to close them on your break away. A burglar won’t be able to see any of your valuables or Easter decorations that you may have up and most importantly they won’t be able to see if someone is home or not.

If you have lights and a radio on a timer, then set them to turn on and off so it appears like someone is home. You can also ask a friend or a neighbour to come and open and close your curtains for you.

Wondering what other smart devices you can get that makes it seem that you’re at home? Find more smart devices ideas here. Read about our window security to get some extra tip and tricks as well.


Leave Your Car on the Drive

Having a car on the drive helps to deter burglars as it looks like somebody’s home, so they are less likely to choose your house. Try leaving your car at home if you’re going away or ask a neighbour to park in your drive, even if for a few hours every day.

If you’re worried about leaving your car whilst away, ask a friend or neighbour to keep an eye on it.


Be Friendly with a Neighbour

As we’ve already recommended, it can be useful to ask a neighbour to help you out. By giving a neighbour or friend you trust a key, they can keep an eye on the home and make sure it stays secure.

You can ask them to bring your bins in, collect your post, keep your plants cut back and go in at night to turn the lights on and off. You could also ask them to park on your drive whilst your away. By doing this it looks like someone is home, making it less likely that a burglar will want to target your home.


Install Security Cameras

Another way to keep an ‘eye’ on your home whilst your away is to get security cameras. You can get a smart security system so you can look through your cameras on your phone, and you’ll be able to access it anywhere. Have a look at the best rated blink security cameras before you book your trip away.


Don’t Share Your Plans

No matter how egg-xtravagant your Easter Sunday plans are, try to avoid sharing them on social media such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter until they are over. Sharing with trustworthy friends and family is fine but making it public can make your home a bigger target to burglary.

In nearly a quarter of burglaries that occur the offender knows the victim well, so make sure you trust the people that you tell about your holiday.


Hold Your Post

The Royal Mail post-office have a Keepsafe® service that you can apply for, so you don’t let your mail pile up whilst your away. From 10 days to 100 days, they will keep your post safe until you get home. Also make sure you don’t do any other online shopping so no extra parcels come and get left on your doorstep. This will help prevent post from piling up and informing an intruder that your home is empty.

Easter eggs with cartoon bunny ears

So, whether you’re going on a week or a weekend away, don’t make it easy for a burglar to get in your home and steal your Easter eggs. Home security is key to reducing the risk of burglars, always think about what you are doing to keep your house safe whilst your away. Have you thought about updating your home security?

Keep your home and your valuable safe and have a happy Easter!