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Remember, Remember, Your Home Security this November!


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Bonfire night security

Remember, Remember, Your Home Security this November!

While the whole family is out revelling in the firework festivities, it’s crucial to ensure your home is left safe and secure on Bonfire Night. According to Aviva, statistically, your house is more prone to being burgled on Bonfire Night than any other night of the year, with the number of incidents increasing by a huge 22%. This is simply due to people forgetting to lock their doors and windows whilst being distracted throughout the night by firework displays. Follow these simple tips to ensure you have a night to remember for all the right reasons!

If you are going out to celebrate, make sure to secure all your doors and windows, and ensure the burglar alarm is activated.  If the locks on your doors or windows are damaged and do not provide maximum security, we recommend you call a reliable Keytek Locksmith to change or repair your locks.

If you are holding a fireworks display in the garden, don’t make the mistake of leaving your front door unlocked, and your home exposed, while you are distracted. To increase the security of your home while you are distracted, consider installing an outdoor CCTV camera that can be monitored using your smartphone.

Leaving on some lights, the TV, or radio will deter any intruders by giving the impression that someone is home.  A TV simulator switches between differently coloured lights to suggest that you are watching television, and can be left running for six to eight hours.  Why not check out our ‘Bluff the Burglar’ infographic for more intelligent ways you can fool a burglar into thinking there is someone home.

Outbuildings often store many valuable items ranging from bicycles to barbeques, therefore it is important to secure your garden shed with a strong padlock. The Master 612 Pro Series Weather Tough Standard Shackle Padlock is a heavy duty padlock featuring 6 pin mechanisms and weather protection, ideal for increasing the security on your sheds and outbuildings.

If you have a reliable neighbour who won’t be celebrating, it is worth asking them if they could keep an ear and eye open while you are out. It may be worth organising a neighbourhood watch scheme in your local area, this will help reduce crime such as burglary and anti-social behaviour.

Whilst we humans may be excited about the big bangs and whizzes, don’t forget your pets! As well as the apparent dangers of fireworks and bonfires, be aware it can be a very distressing time for pets. The best way to assist your pets to deal with fireworks involves behavioural modification, such as playing a CD with fireworks noises to desensitise them to the sound over a period of time, or investing in pheromone diffusers to calm your pet.

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