December 14, 2016 | Becki Hooper | News

Salisbury Police Hand Out Deterrent Purse Straps


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Women's purse on a pink background

Salisbury Police hand out deterrent purse straps following a rise in purse thefts.

Following a number of incidents of purses being stolen from people’s handbags in Salisbury city centre, police officers are urging shoppers to come and collect an anti-theft purse strap for free.  The strap simply attaches your purse or wallet to your bag, making it difficult for a thief to remove it in minimal time, without you noticing.

The police in Salisbury are worried this may put shoppers off during the festive period, as city centres become busy and crowded. They assure people that these offences are not violent in any way, but are pick-pocket type crimes where people do not realise their belongings have been stolen until later on.

Unfortunately pick-pocketing is a common occurrence and is easily done by professional thieves if you do not secure your belongings sufficiently. It is important to take care of your belongings when venturing into a crowded place, and there are many ways to prevent having your belongings stolen from your bag.

  • Ensure your bag has sufficient fastening such as a zip or buckle.
  • Don’t carry unnecessary items in your bag; try to keep it as de-cluttered and light as possible.
  • Make use of internal compartments that can be fastened. These are not easily accessed and make things more difficult for a thief.
  • Keep your bag close to you, preferably strapped across your body.
  • When you are going out to a public place, only take what you need. Do not carry valuables unnecessarily.

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