December 19, 2016 | Becki Hooper | News

Security Warning Following Burglaries in Harrogate


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burglar entering upvc window using crowbar

Residents are given a security warning following a series of burglaries in Harrogate

Police are urging residents of Harrogate to improve home security measures in order to reduce the chances of being burgled. Following a spike of ‘2 in 1’ burglaries, where thieves have not only broken into and stolen contents of properties but have also stolen car keys and cars, police are recommending people use deterrents in order to make homes appear occupied.

There are various measures that can be taken in order to make a property seem occupied even when it is not. Simple measures such as using a light timer, TV simulators or leaving a car in the driveway can indicate someone is home, even when the house is vacant. For more intelligent ways you can fool a burglar into thinking there is someone home, visit our ‘Bluff the Burglar’ post.

While deterrents and preventive measures are effective, it is crucial to ensure your home security is up to date. Our locksmiths in Harrogate offer a friendly and reliable locksmith service, whether you are in an emergency situation or in need of a pre-booked security check. So if you feel your home is not adequately secured, head over to our Locksmiths in Harrogate website at for more information.