August 31, 2021 | KimElliott | Blog

Stolen Ring Doorbells


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Over the weekend there has been a report that 18 Ring doorbells that have been found by police and returned to their owners. Poole Police have been making enquires after many of the cameras had been reported stolen in the borough. Two suspects were identified at two addresses and the cameras were recovered.

What are Ring Doorbells?

Ring Doorbells are smart doorbells that include a camera. Once installed the owner can receive notifications and see video from their doorbell. This means that you can check who is at your door no matter where you are in the world, using the Ring App on your smart phone. There is also a speaker in the doorbell which means you can speak to whoever is at your door, telling a delivery driver to leave your parcel in a safe place etc.

This is a great step forward in home security as you can identify anyone that comes to your door. It is unclear whether the camera footage from the Ring Doorbells was used to help catch the thieves and recover the doorbells. We have a great blog about smart doorbells, so check it out to find out more.


How do I prevent my Ring doorbell from being Stolen?

You can help to prevent your Ring Doorbell from being stolen by making sure it is installed correctly, it comes with a back plate with means it can be secured to your wall easily. However, this isn’t 100% theft proof, the fact there is a camera on the doorbell may stop a thief from trying to remove it, but some thieves use Wi-Fi jammers to prevent it from capturing an image. You could install a protective case or cover; you would need to make sure that the camera is left unobstructed. Ring do offer some covers; you can look at them here.


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