House Robbery Markings

Have you ever seen a strange marking on the side of your house or nearby such as on the curb or on your bin? In recent times there has been much speculation about these signs and symbols being marked by burglars as to which homes to target, wittily dubbed the ‘da pinchi code’.

But is this something to be wary of, what do these signs mean and what should you do if you are worried about being burgled? Read through our blog to answer these questions and more!


What are house robbery markings?

These so called ‘robbery markings’ or ‘burglar signs’ are simple drawings and shapes that are reportedly ‘code’ for whether the house is worth targeting. These drawings are also said to highlight to other thieves, what type of person lives at the house; whether they are vulnerable, elderly or a house of single occupancy etc.


‘Da pinchi code’

The da pinchi code is the name that has been used across social media sites and news stories over the last few years that have claimed to crack the code on burglar markings! The meanings behind the markings are deemed to mean things such as ‘vulnerable occupant’, ‘alarmed house’ and ‘wealthy’.

Recently, there have been new news stories related to the ‘da pinchi code’ which rules out these findings as being burglar code based on police research, instead the meanings of the markings being much more innocent. Check out our image below to see the markings, their supposed meaning and the true meaning behind them.


infographic house markings


What do burglars use to mark houses?

Chalk is the main material burglars use as it is easily removed and not as noticeable as materials such as spray paint. As well as chalk, burglars mark houses with almost anything they can, it may be a small blob of paint or a piece of string tied around a lamppost!

There was also a stint in 2018 mainly found in Dublin where burglars would place clear tape over the keyholes on the exterior access doors. If the tape is left intact the next day or following they would know the house is currently vacant!

As well as markings, burglars also may disguise themselves as door to door salesmen; this is what we call distraction burglary. They may also post fake Locksmith contact details through your door for example, always do your research before calling trades people to ensure they are legitimate! If you are in need of a trustworthy Locksmith, contact us here!


Where are these burglar signs usually located?

 The marks themselves are often left somewhere on the property, such as a garden wall or driveway. But they are also found somewhere nearby, such as on a bin, lamppost, the curb or pavement.


How do robbers pick a house?

Burglars who leave signs on houses or nearby have usually already scoped out the neighbourhood and indicated which house/s is the least risk to burgle. Planned burglaries in these cases more often than not will have had the house watched for a few days to discover who lives in the house and to understand the occupant’s daily schedule, whether they have up to date home security and whether there is anything of value inside the home. Find out further on in this blog how to prevent attracting burglars to your home!


How do you know if your house has been marked? What should I do if my house has burglar chalk signs?

So you may have noticed a strange marking on the perimeter of your home or nearby? First of all take a photo of the suspected burglar sign, make a detailed note of its location, when you first noticed it and then wash it away as best as you can.

Next, we recommend that you contact your local council to ensure the markings weren’t left by their employees doing work along the street.

Following on, if not left there by the council contact the police using the non-emergency number, 101. They may advise you to keep an eye on and record suspicious activity in your neighbourhood, including strangers frequently walking up and down the road and looking or photographing yours or your neighbours homes! Talking to your neighbours about this can also indicate whether they have noticed anything strange and you can ask them to keep an eye out moving forward.

Finally, it is strongly recommended that you upgrade your home security to be on the safe side, continue on to see our suggestions.


Myth busters

Although you should always be wary of any strange markings that have appeared on your home, over the last couple of years some police forces have found that in actual fact these markings are harmless! Their investigations often conclude that these markings have been used by utility firms and broadband companies to plan upcoming works.


How to protect your home against burglars

Here are a few quick tips that you can apply today to secure your home from burglars.

  • Close and lock your windows and doors when leaving your home always, no matter how long or how far you will be gone.


  • Don’t leave valuables insight of any windows.




  • If you haven’t already, create or join your neighbourhood watch.


Upgrade your home security knowledge with Keytek®

We are dedicated to helping you keep your home secure here at Keytek® which is why we are continually updating our security content on our website. If you were interested in this blog we recommend that you take a look at our Home Security Guide here where we break down home security into sections such as your front door, garden gate, outdoor lights and more.

Already check out our Home Security Guide? Take a look at our blog page here; we aim to upload a new blog for our readers weekly!

5 Items People Often Forget to Secure

Security Must Haves

There are many things to consider when keeping yourself and your home secure; because of this some important security aspects get overlooked. There are more ways to keep yourself secure than just locking your doors, so we have created a list of things nearly everyone forgets.

Power tools

Many spend a lot of money on expensive power tools which are often left out in the open when they’re not stored in sheds and outbuildings, making them a popular target for burglars. Engraving tools with your postcode or house number, or using an “UV” ink pen, will make it easier for the police to identify and retrieve if stolen.

Jewellery, heirlooms, and collectables

Jewellery and other valuables can be secured in safes and hidden in secret spaces around your home, however many forget to insure these valuables. Jewellery insurance most often covers accidental damage, loss and theft, ensuring that jewellery and other valuables can be repaired or replaced.

Private and important documents

Homes are full of valuable items, but ones often overlooked are important documents which are just as desirable to a burglar as your big screen TV. Private documents such as birth certificates, passports, property deeds, tax returns and legal contracts should be kept securely in a fire-proof safe. When destroying important documents it is important to use a shredder in order to prevent them falling into the wrong hands.


Medication should be treated like any other valuable item in a home and should be stored securely.  Pain killers and prescription medication are highly targeted by burglars, and medication in the wrong hands, such as curious children and forgetful seniors, can be lethal, for this reason medicine cabinets should be kept in a secure location, and should not be accessible to everyone.

Passwords and PIN numbers

We have been warned on several occasions that it is not recommended to write down passwords and PIN numbers, as these can cause a lot of harm when in the wrong hands. When storing passwords and PINs, it is recommended to encrypt or password protect files.

When securing your property and belongings, it is important to remember there are various measures to take. Here at KeytekTM we believe security of your home starts at your front door, and our local locksmiths aim to provide the best solutions to your security problems. Book a KeytekTM Locksmith to upgrade the security of your home by calling 03303320589 or visit

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Eggcellent Easter Security Tips!

Easter security tips

Whether you are going away or spending time relaxing at home, don’t forget to be security conscious over the Easter break! Your home should be considered a safe space for you and your family, and the only people searching your home and belongings should be hunting for Easter Eggs; therefore we have compiled some tips on how to keep your home secure.

  1. Store objects which can be used to access your home, such as bins and ladders, securely and out of sight.
  2. Use deterrents such as light timers and television simulators to help your home appear occupied when you are out.
  3. A car in the driveway often indicates that someone is home. If you are going on holiday this Easter ask a neighbour to park in your driveway, even for a couple of hours each day.
  4. Keep your valuable items out of sight and away from windows. Don’t make your home a shop window for burglars by putting your prized possessions on display.
  5. If you are lucky enough to be going away on holiday this Easter, don’t share your holiday plans online and only share photos when you are back at home. Social media websites often share your current location, letting people know you are not home and potentially putting you at risk of burglary.
  6. Even if you are not travelling this Easter, the security of your home should be a priority. It is important to always lock your doors and windows at night and whenever you leave the house, even if it’s just for a few minutes.

Burglars don’t take holidays, but they will take advantage of yours! While Easter holidays should be a time for relaxation for most, burglars will spring into action while homes are vacant and occupants are out and about. Remember, a burglar can only enter your home the same way as you, through the doors and windows; therefore it is crucial your locks are up to date and secure. The locksmiths at KeytekTM provide a variety of locksmith services including full security and home insurance compliance checks, to book call 03303320589 or visit

Don’t Update the Burglar! Stay Safe on Social Media


Don’t Update the Burglar! Keep Safe on Social Media

The openness of social media can allow burglars and thieves access to the information needed to target homes with only a few clicks. There are many social media activities that may put your home’s security at risk!

Be careful checking-in

Most social media channels have check-in features which reveal your location. Whether you’re checking-in at a restaurant or the cinema, this can be dangerous and can let burglars know when you’re away from home.

Don’t show off your expensive items

Showing off your swanky new watch or luxurious handbag online can be more dangerous than you imagine. Sharing photos of your expensive items publicly may just be tempting a burglar.

Don’t post your holiday plans

It is very common to share exciting future holiday plans online, however this can be very risky. As well as your friends and family, burglars may be interested in your holiday countdown, as this updates them on when your house will be empty for a long period of time.

Check your privacy settings!

Make sure to limit your statuses and updates to your family and friends instead of being public.

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The 12 Home Security Tips of Christmas Infographic

‘Tis the season to be security conscious! As the nights draw darker and colder, it is important to evaluate the security of your home and take measures to ensure your home isn’t an easy burglary target. During the winter period your home can be seen to be more vulnerable by an intruder, especially in the lead up to Christmas when you are more than likely to have unopened items of high value. In the lead up to Christmas each day we will be posting a home security tip to help you stay secure over the Christmas period. As part of this we have put together an infographic… Click on the infographic to enlarge it. Share this Infographic On Your Site

The 12 Home Security Tips of Christmas
Christmas Home Security Infographic by Keytek Locksmiths