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The best front doors for your home 2022


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Your front door is the main access point for the majority of homes and thus it is the main access point for burglars. Did you know that 76% of burglars entered a property through the front door? Here at Keytek® we are passionate about your homes security and that includes the durability of your front door. Take a look at our blog where we compare the top 3 recommended front doors you will find in the UK.


uPVC Front Doors

uPVC doors are one of the most popular and best type of front doors in the UK market due to their low price and easy maintenance upkeep. uPVC doors are improving security wise with their multi-point locking systems and the ability to add the extra security of an anti-snap lock.  But older versions of uPVC doors are not the most secure door you can find with them having a relatively short shelf-life of around 10-15 years. Once your uPVC front door reaches 10 years old it is important to take a look at the quality and durability of the door and consider updating it to a newer version or upgrading to a different material such as wooden or composite.


uPVC Door Issues

Every door can come with their own issues, but we have used our expertise to create the Ultimate Guide to uPVC Door and Window Lock Issues so that you can make sure your uPVC door keeps your home secured! Read about fixing a broken mechanism, how to change a cylinder lock, what to do when your upvc door won’t open and more!


Wooden Front Doors

Wooden doors are popular due to their traditional appearance that appeals to many UK homeowners. Wooden doors are an excellent choice with security in mind as they cannot be kicked through or forced open by a burglar when paired with a solid door frame. You will usually find a mortice lock paired with a Yale type lock on a wooden door but some companies are now offering multi-point locking systems with wooden doors too for that extra peace of mind.

What uPVC doors have over wooden is that wooden doors are much more expensive than uPVC and require more maintenance.


Composite Front Doors

Composite doors are the optimum choice for front door security. They were designed to combat the flaws of uPVC doors and the extra work needed to maintain wooden doors. Consisting of multiple materials including wood, insulated foam, aluminium and glass reinforced plastic, composite doors are the strongest on the market. The combination of all the different materials not only make composite doors almost impossible to break through but they are extremely durable in harsh weather so it will not crack like a wooden door or warp and fade like a uPVC door. Not only are composite doors extremely hard-wearing, they come fitted with a multi-point locking system and can be made securer still with an anti-snap lock making this the perfect door for your home.

Composite doors are not only the best security wise but they are popular due to their aesthetic appearance. Taking on a wooden door look, composite doors come in a wide variety of colours and have multiple window style options so you can maintain the curb appeal to your home. Finally, composite doors are built to last and won’t have to be replaced for at least 35 years.

Like wooden and uPVC doors, there are pros and cons to Composite doors, but by using our guide to fixing common composite door lock problems, if you do decide to upgrade your door then our expert advice is there should you need it!


Front Door Prices

The cheapest on the market are uPVC doors with a range from £250-£1,500, next are composite doors with a wider range of costs between £550-£2,000 but the most expensive are wooden doors at £750-£4,000. Cost and security wise, this also makes composite doors the best option for your home.

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Choosing the best front door for security can depend on several factors and conditions. Make sure you read our guide above to know the best front doors in the UK and for more advice check out our ultimate guide to door security!

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