February 10, 2021 | Jessica Davies | Blog

The Future of Security 2021: Ring Indoor Drone


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Here at Keytek® we are always keeping our eye on the latest security innovations and this one which was released in September last year really is taking the future of security to the next level. Introducing the Ring Indoor Drone, yes that’s right an indoor (!) drone!


“An innovative new approach to always being home”

That’s what Ring has set out to achieve with their new product. Their solution to the real problems that their customers are facing. One thing Ring couldn’t predict though was the worldwide pandemic and the fact that more now than ever we are all at home far more often than we’d ideally like. However, with brighter days on the horizon and our interest in new security technologies we’d thought you’d like to know where the future is heading too!


What is the Ring Indoor Drone?

The Ring Indoor Drone is a device that enables you to access multiple viewpoints via your smart device throughout your home. Rather than multiple CCTV cameras placed strategically around your home the Ring Indoor Drone is just one device, with one camera. As the name suggests like a drone this device fly’s like a drone around your home to capture multiple viewpoints. It is a flying CCTV camera, now if that’s not something from the future we don’t know what is!


How does the Ring Indoor Drone work?

As you guessed the Ring Indoor Drone is more than a flying CCTV camera, it is much more intelligent than that. The flying indoor camera is autonomous and flies through your chosen paths in your house so that you can activate it and check whether you may have left a window open, the stove on or if your dog has been sitting on your bed whilst you are at work during the day.

As well as having the option to control the Ring Indoor Drone to activate when you want it to it also will automatically fly around your home when triggered by your Ring Alarm when in ‘away mode’. This means it can capture a burglar in the act and enable you to alert the police straight away rather than waiting to see your home upturned once you get home.

Once the Ring Indoor Drone has done its job flying around your home it automatically returns to its base and slots itself in and begins charging. There’s not much you need to actually do to ensure it is maintained.

Ring have released a video on YouTube of how the drone works when triggered in away mode. Check it out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i2jFN_QEcS4


Is the Ring Indoor Drone secure?

As with all smart devices the privacy and security of your device is paramount to avoid any attacks from cyber criminals. The camera is physically blocked when docked in its charging station and will only begin recording once in action. What’s more the drone can only fly in the paths that you set so it cannot be controlled manually by someone else. What about safety when flying about? The developers over at Ring had also thought about this to avoid any bumping into heads when you are walking around your home so the drone is lightweight with shrouded propellers and built-in obstacle avoidance technology.


How much does the Ring Indoor Drone cost?

Currently, the Ring Indoor Drone is not available in the UK but it is set to launch in the US this year with a price tag of $250. We were surprised at this cost and were expecting more but you will only receive the full benefits of the drone if you have the full Ring security system already in place in your home.


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