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The Keytek® Summer Charity Event


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In the warm summer months, we here at Keytek® gathered together in hopes to raise money for charity. Our 2019 charity was the John Thornton Young Achievers Foundation, this fantastic charity raises money to help provide opportunities for children and young adults that have big ambitions and motivation but might not have had the best start to life. Recipients of this charity are the embodiment of the foundation’s core values; determination, unselfishness and cheerfulness in adversity.

This charity has helped almost 2000 young people achieve their dreams and go on to achieve great things, and we were very proud to support them as our 2019 Charity.

Our 2019 summer charity event found us out under the ruins of Corfe Castle battling an obstacle course that tested the very finest of Keytek’s athletic workforce! The Mud Trail consists of a 2km trail lined with obstacles, balance beams, rope traverses, cargo nets and water tubes to provide 2 hours of endless fun. However, once you add the tonne of mud covering and encasing every obstacle that’s when things get really interesting!

Caked under at least 3 layers of mud, all of us here at Keytek® thoroughly enjoyed the day under the sun traversing through the various obstacles with grace, letting our hair down and making the most of time out of the office. We had falls, slips, slides and even the occasional head first drive into the mud, but overall  it was a great day that allowed us to come together as a workforce and not only do something extremely fun but allow us to raise money for charity.

Many of our gracious Locksmiths sponsored us through the event alongside our family members, and got many a laugh with all of our muddy faces! Through their generous donations we managed to raise a grand total of £925!

We are proud to support John Thornton Young Achievers Fund, and help give young adults the chance to purse their dreams through scholarships and bursaries.

If you would like to know more about the John Thornton Young Achievers Foundation, click here to view their website.