January 11, 2021 | Jessica Davies | Blog

The Most Famous Burglaries of All Time


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Here at Keytek® we’re all about security and keeping you and your belongings as secure as possible but burglaries do happen and sometimes they happen on an extremely large scale… check out our blog on the top 5 most famous burglaries of all time!


The Antwerp Diamond Heist

This burglary cost a whopping £100 million!! In 2003 Leonardo Notabartolo successfully defeated 10 layers of security in the heist of all time stealing millions worth of diamonds and jewels. Notabartolo and his crew almost got away with it too as they planned this burglary for years which consisted of copying keys, fake CCTV footage and clever ways to get past the high-tech security system.

Unfortunately for Notabartolo they left behind traces of DNA and were subsequently caught back in Italy. The diamonds? They were never recovered and are still out there somewhere on the black market!


Boston Museum Heist

The most valuable theft of a private property ever, costing half a billion dollars! In this heist two men dressed as police offers attended the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum apparently responding to a disturbance call. Within an hour the two men overcame the guards and took off with 13 works of high valuable art including pieces from Rembrandt, Degas and Vermeer.

This time the fake police officers got away with it as no one was arrested for the crime and none of the pieces of artwork were recovered. What hangs in their frames now? Nothing, the empty frames still hang in the museum!


Russian Hackers

These days’ burglars no longer require a stripy t-shirt and a swag bag as a group of Russian computer hackers managed to steal an approximate of £650 million from 2014-2016 from banks all over the world!

The hackers cunningly watched the to and fro of the bank’s operations through CCTV and managed to hack them using malware and phishing scams. What’s more is that they even managed to operate ATM’s to dispense money at certain times!

The hackers managed to rob around 100 banks from over 30 different countries stealing a total of around £650 million… and they have yet to be caught!


The Central Bank of Iraq

In 2003 the largest bank heist of all time took place. Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein sent his son with a handwritten note asking to withdraw almost a billion US dollars along with three trucks to load it onto, to the Central Bank in Baghdad.

$920 million dollars were stolen but most of it was fortunately recovered after numerous raids. However, not all the American soldiers retrieving the cash were innocent as 35 of them were caught stealing some of the money!


One of the UK’s Biggest Domestic Burglaries

James Stunt, successful businessman living in London found himself £515,000 shorter after a 16.18 carat yellow diamond was stolen from his safe in his home in 2017. Fortunately, for Mr. Stunt the perpetrator was caught and refused bail.

However, the perpetrator was a little too close to home as the thief was none other than Mr. Stunt’s bodyguard! Unfortunately for Mr. Stunt this was the first in a string of financial bad luck as in 2019 he was declared bankrupt and had numerous properties repossessed.


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