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The Most Secure Homes in the World


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Only the richest people in the world are able to afford the million-dollar mansions you see on TV and in magazines. While they may be the subject of many people’s envy, owning a house that expensive isn’t all fun and parties. These millionaires, sometimes billionaires, have to consider their security very seriously. Not only do they need to protect the expensive items in their homes, but also protect the wellbeing of their families. Having that much wealth and being in the public eye opens these home owners up to the threat of strangers knowing where they live and trying to break into their homes.

This means in recent years there has been a surge in the need for high end, advanced security in residential homes. Security that would have been suitable for the White House and Buckingham Palace is now in place protecting the homes of the super wealthy. We are going to look at some of the securest houses in the world.


The Corbi Home in Los Angeles, California

Take a look at this link here to see some images! 

Now, when you are the president of a highly respected security firm, you would expect to have the best home security in the world and Al Corbi has just that. His sprawling 7,744 square foot mansion, in the picturesque Hollywood Hills, boasts some of the most advanced security technologies around.

It’s keyless

Sounds counterintuitive, one of the most basic things you can do to secure a home is lock the front door, right? However, in this home, you are the key. The smart home blends facial and voice recognition and uses what’s called ‘behavioural recognition’ to recognise those that live or are allowed into the house.


This may sound common place; many houses have security cameras. However, in the Corbi house, it’s taken to the next level. They have thermal imaging cameras that can read the heat signatures of anything; it can even see a person hiding behind a tree and has a range of 15 kilometres.

The Windows

The windows of any home are always a weakness in the security; they can be broken and used as an entry point. In the Corbi house they have glass-break detectors that can operate with in a 15-foot radius. They have also added a blast film to the windows; this means that the windows would not shatter if subject to a blast such as a bomb.

The Fog

This one is a little different; the Corbi’s have a system that will release a harmless fog into the house, the aim being to disorientate any intruder. While harmless the gas will emanate a strong unpleasant odour that can disable a burglar for up to 24 hours. The real clever thing is that this gas can be laced with a synthetic ‘DNA code’ that will attach itself to the clothes and skin of an intruder for weeks. Traces of the gas would show up under a UV light, meaning they could be identified if they get away.

Panic Rooms

Yes, panic rooms plural. The panic room has definably come a long way from the Jodie Foster film we all know, those with a high net worth often have ‘panic suites’ rather than rooms. Not only does this house have two specially designed ‘safe rooms’ (on of which is reported to be 2,500 square feet) there is also two ‘safe core’ bedrooms which can be immediately sealed by locking a specific door or doors. One of Corbi’s safe rooms is actually his wine cellar that sits below the house. It has its own electricity, sustainable food and safe water supplies. Corbi builds these bunkers to survive; natural disaster, nuclear holocaust or even a catastrophe involving the sun. Corbi has even boasted that you could survive for ‘three generations’ in there.

The ‘Zombie’ House

No, it’s not a house full of zombies. It’s a house in Poland that claims to be able to withstand a zombie apocalypse. You can see a picture of it here.

It’s also known as the ‘safe house’ and was designed by architect Robert Konieczny specifically to be the world’s most secure home. What makes this house so secure is that it is completely impenetrable when the concreate walls seal shut. What sets this house apart is the fact that almost every part of it moves; the concreate walls, the inner walls, the shutters and even the gate. This means the owner can configure the house to adapt to whatever threat is around; fire, flood, intruder or thousands of zombies. It also features a 6.6ft perimeter wall (that also moves) that can be electronically sealed. And of course, no secure house would be complete without a drawbridge that leads to a roof terrace above the pool, why should you not be able to enjoy your pool while a zombie apocalypse is going on?

All of this means that this house becomes a sealed concrete cube when under attack. We couldn’t think of a safer place to be if zombies attacked.


3 Indian Road

There is a group of 35 homes on a barrier island in Miami called The Indian Creek, this has been the site of the most expensive house sale Miami has ever seen. So, you can only imagine what security goes into keeping these properties safe. Take a look at some of the images here!

None of these houses are more security conscious than 3 Indian Road, rumoured to have been brought by a Russian billionaire. The gated community already has a 15-person strong dedicated private police force that patrol on land via jeep, and by sea via Jet Ski and boat. They provide 24 hour dedicated home security for residents. However, number 3 clearly doesn’t feel that this is enough. The mystery buyer has installed their own panic room with its own isolated generator, in case of an intruder cuts the main power. This panic room can only be accessed by a fingerprint recognition system and once you are in the panic room you have access to the control hub. This allows the occupier to see what’s going on with an inferred surveillance system, even in pitch black.

Keytek Locksmiths

Whilst many of us (unfortunately) are not made of millions it is still important to protect your home. Why not take a look at our other blogs on ways you can secure your own home such as anti-snap locks or take a look at our comprehensive home security guide here where we break down the security of your home bit by bit!