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A secure lock on your front door is the first line of defence against burglars and intruders in your property, therefore it is crucial to replace the locks on your doors when you feel your home security may be compromised or in need of an upgrade. In order to avoid finding yourself with a failed lock and insufficient home security, look out for the following signs or scenarios prompting a lock replacement.

5 Reasons to replace door locks in your home

Someone moved out

Whether it is a roommate, tenant, family member or ex partner, as soon as a person who previously rented or shared your property moves out, it is recommended to replace your locks.  Various people with spare keys to your property can increase the risk of a break-in, as although spare keys may be handed back, there is no way of being sure copies were not made and distributed.

Wear and tear

As your locks get older and increasingly worn out, they often stop performing to the best of their ability and develop weaknesses, this could result in locks that are easier to pick and break making your home less secure. If your door locks show apparent signs of damage, rust or wear, we advise you to consider a lock replacement.

Keys stolen or lost

If your door keys are ever stolen or lost, it is vital you replace your locks immediately without hesitation. If you repeatedly find yourself losing your keys it may be convenient for you to consider a smart lock which can be opened using a code.

Moving in

It is good practice to change the locks when moving into a new house, as while you receive the keys to your new home when it is officially yours, there is no way of knowing for sure how many copies have been made and not handed in.

Recent break-in

In the unfortunate event of a break in or burglary, it is critical to change all your locks as soon as possible. Burglars may have tampered with your locks to gain unauthorized entry, this could leave your lock damaged and your home vulnerable to a repeat burglary. Following a burglary it is best to assume that your keys may have fallen into the wrong hands, for that reason replacing your doors locks and upgrading your security is crucial.

If you require a lock replacement or upgrade we believe our expert locksmiths are the best possible people to complete the job. Our locksmiths are experienced, credible, trustworthy and cost efficient, and aim to provide the best possible solutions for your security needs. Call a local locksmith today on 03303320589 or visit https://www.keytek.co.uk


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