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Top 5 Signs your Locks Need to be Replaced


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Most people, whether they’ve recently purchased their first home or have lived there for decades, don’t think about changing their locks. In today’s world updated and well-functioning door locks are a must!

If your locks are damaged, getting hard to use or you’ve just moved into a new property, you should think about getting your locks changed. This blog will take you through what things you’ll need to consider and when you might have to change your locks!


Old and Rusty

If your locks are particularly old, it might be time to replace them. A standard lock with proper care and maintenance could see you through several years but as wear and tear take their hold the effectiveness of your lock will begin to weaken eventually. Even if your locks are in good working order right now, it’s always wise to consider getting them updated to not only keep your home safe from potential intruders but to also minimise the risk of them breaking and leaving you stuck!


There’s Visible Damage

A pretty obvious indication that a door lock might need to be replaced is if it has visible damage or isn’t working correctly. A lock should be easy to use and operate, feeling smooth and stable. If your lock has damage, is feeling clunky, wobbly, or generally is difficult to use it’s usually a good sign that it needs to be replaced. Or at the very least looked at!

Even if the lock is still working, damage to the lock can lead to the higher risk of breaking potentially leaving you locked out, unable to secure your home and even at risk of becoming a target.

We suggest calling out your local Locksmith to come and look at your lock, just to be on the safe side. It could also be an excellent opportunity to improve the general security of your property by installing higher security locks and hardware! Find out more about Locksmith services here!


Lost your Keys

If you’ve lost or forgot your keys somewhere, you never know who might pick them up which can leave your home vulnerable so we always suggest changing your locks if your keys are lost.

Unfortunately, there isn’t really anything you can do when your keys are lost other than, tracing your steps and reporting them lost to the police on a non-emergency line, but what you can do is ensure that your home is secure is to change your locks.

Get advice on what to do when you lose your keys here.


You’ve had a Break In

Doors are usually the prime target for burglars with 75% of burglars gaining access through a door in 2021. So should the worst happen, it’s so important that you change your locks after you have been burgled.

Not only could your locks have been damaged in the attack but it can also mean that your locks weren’t up to scratch security wise. There is unfortunately no sure-fire way to stop a burglary but different locks can come with different security features, making your home more secure and protected against attack. Likewise, it’s not uncommon for burglars to return to a home they have already targeted with the assumption they will be able to get in again, so it’s even more important that you change your locks to protect your home!


You’ve Moved into a New Home

Moving is an exciting (if not slightly stressful) experience where thoughts on décor and getting the Wi-Fi set up are usually top of the list. However, it’s also important to take a moment to think about changing the locks.

Even if the locks are in working order, you never know who might have a key and what their intentions could be. It’s possible that the previous owners still have a spare key somewhere, have given duplicates to children, friends, or neighbours or might even have lost a few.

We always advise that one of the first things you do in a new home is to change the locks. Calling out a local Locksmith to meet you on your move in day is a great way to protect your home, valuables, and family.


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