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Top Anti-Theft Devices for your Car


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No one wants to find that their car has been stolen and whilst modern cars come with pretty comprehensive security systems there are always extra steps you can take to prevent someone from making off with your vehicle.

With modern cars, the risk of someone ‘hot wiring’ your vehicle is pretty much impossible, but there can be some new risks with modern cars. Now that many cars have keyless entry, you now have to protect from keyless entry theft as well. While nothing can 100% guarantee that you can stop someone from stealing your car, you can certainly minimise the change of your car being targeted.

Here are the top anti-theft devices you can buy to make your car that little bit safer!


1.      Faraday Pouches

With keyless entry fast becoming the norm for newer cars, it can leave you vulnerable to car thieves who might be a bit more sophisticated. They can use something called a ‘relay device’ to copy your keys signal, tricking your car into thinking that you and your keys are nearby and allowing the car thieves to access your car and drive off, mostly undetected.

If this is something you are particularly worried about, then you can purchase a small faraday pouch for your car key. These are also known as signal blocking pouches. It’s a small pouch with a metallic lining to block your key’s signals from anywhere outside the bag. This leaves a thief unable to copy your signal and hopefully, unable to make off with your car. These pouches are also good at preventing people hacking your phone or credit card (that has contactless technology).

You can find a wide range of faraday pouches on Amazon.


2.      Disklok Steering Lock

This old school way of securing your steering wheel is as effective as it ever was. Not only is it a visible deterrent for any potential car thief, but it will also physically stop a person from being able to drive the car.

The Disklok Steering Lock is a reinforced large steel disc that you secure around your steering wheel. If someone does successful break into your car, they won’t be able to turn the wheel at all, as the disc just spins around, thus making it impossible to drive the car away.

The Disklok Steering Lock is perfect for older cars that don’t have the best alarm system, as well as vehicles that might be left unused for long periods of time, such as motor homes. You can get it for everyday use but it’s quite heavy and can be difficult to fit at first. However, if you don’t mind spending the extra few minutes fitting and unfitting it every day, it’s a great way to keep your car safe.

You can find these at Halfords.


3.      Security Tire Clamp

If you’re not sure what this, picture something that a parking warden might use to clamp your car. Wheel clamps are attached to the wheel of a vehicle, preventing the wheel from turning, meaning your vehicle can’t be driven, pushed, or towed away.

security car wheel tire clamp UK auto locksmiths

These are a great visual deterrent as car thieves tend to want to be as quick as possible and with the amount of effort it would take to saw the clamp off your wheel, they are at a higher risk of getting caught. So, hopefully just the presence of the wheel clamp will be enough to get a potential thief to move on.

One tip we have is to keep your car keys separate from the key to the wheel clamp. That way if your car keys are lost or stolen, they could just unlock the wheel clamp and drive off.

You can buy these on Amazon.


4.      Stoplock Pro Steering Lock

This steering lock is bit easier to use than the Diskloc as this is your standard steering wheel lock. It only takes a few seconds to secure in place and is a great visual deterrent. Once you have put it in place, it becomes impossible to turn the steering wheel in any direction. It has the added bonus that if a thief manages to break the steering lock they still won’t be able to drive off with your car as the bottom section if the bar will hit the legs or the front seat.

Steering locks are relatively cheap so this is a good option to go for if you’re worried about car theft.

These are available to buy at Halfords


5.      Car Smart Alarm

These devices mean that you don’t have to be within earshot of your built in car alarm to know if it’s being broken into. The best smart car alarms also come with trackers, so if someone does break into your car, you can also track the car.

A car smart alarm will send you a notification to your phone when the car alarm is triggered, and you can lock and unlock your car with your smartphone. These do require a professional installation so buy it and having it installed will set you back a fair bit. But the potential to stop a car thief or recover your car once it’s been stolen might be worth the cost.


What To Take Away

Unfortunately, whilst there is nothing that will make your car 100% theft proof, you can take steps to ensure that it’s the least appealing to a potential thief.

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You can do the basics; always make sure your car is locked, never leave valuables on display, try to park in a well-lit area and make it look as empty as possible, but adding an extra level of security such as a wheel lock, smart alarm, or steering lock, may just save your car from becoming a target. Car thieves don’t want to be caught, so will look to target cars that they can access as quickly and quietly as possible. By adding some extra security measures, like the ones above, you will add to the time it would take for a thief to steal it and making it a less attractive target.


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