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What it means to be a Which? Trusted Trader Company!


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You probably have heard of Which? Trusted Traders before, maybe on TV or in a magazine recommending a product but who are Which? What does it mean to be a Which? Trusted Trader? Why should I trust Which? recommended products and services? Discover these answers in our blog below! ®


Who are Which? Trusted Traders?

Which? have been in business since 1957 and have been raising the standards of businesses and products since to make these better for consumers. How do they do this? They test the goods and services and publish their findings, completely unbiased as they are an independent company who only works for the consumer, ensuring you get reliable feedback! Which? has boomed since 1957 and has become a symbol of trust from a consumers prospective and today has 1.3 million members and supporters, meaning they are the largest independent consumer body in the UK!


What does Which? Trusted Trader’s do for businesses?

Which? not only rigorously tests products they also assess and endorse local trades people like ourselves! The Which? Trusted Trader logo helps the business become recognised as a company customers can trust. The logo works both ways, not only does it help customers find reputable, trustworthy businesses but it therefore helps the business succeed and gain higher revenue!

How does Which? assess their traders?

There is a thorough process which businesses must go through and successfully pass to enable to gain a Which? Trusted Trader status. The assessment process consists of 6 steps that are carried out by Which?’s training standards professionals. The six steps include:

  • A Credit Report

To ensure the financial wealth of the business.


  • Customer Satisfaction

This is proved by the Which? team contacting a selection of customers about the recent work carried out by the business.


  • Business Procedures

An important one to customers’ perspectives as this ensures the business have their customers interests in mind.


  • Interview and Assessment

For Which? to be able to understand all the aspects of the business.


  • Report

Once the following steps have been completed the business will receive a report of their assessment. This includes feedback that is invaluable to the business as it allows them to see where they may slack in Which?’s high standards.


  • Endorsed Trader

Finally, after all the above steps have been completed and successfully approved the business is allowed to become a Which? Trusted Trader. T&C’s, code of conducts and membership fees all apply before allowing to show customers they are a WTT!

Keytek® Locksmiths – Which? Trusted Traders

Here at Keytek® Locksmiths we are proud to have been endorsed by the Which? Trusted Trader group for many years! This means we have been through the rigorous testing process and have been recognised as a business our customers can rely on and trust with their home security! But don’t take it from us, here is our latest review on Which? Trusted Trader…

“Had to call for assistance after being unable to unlock the patio doors, with the key not turning at all…the locksmith turned up within about an hour, diagnosed broken box in the lock, and the work was quickly done. Friendly service.”  See more reviews on Which? Here:


As well as Which? We also have almost 2,000 reviews on Trustpilot with a rating of Excellent at 4.6* out of 5*!  Check out those reviews here:


Need your own reliable and trusty Locksmith?

As you would have seen from our valuable reviews our customers are very happy with the service we provide! If you need a Locksmith in your area check out our Find a Locksmith page here! Once you’ve used our services why not leave a review of your own…we can’t wait to hear from you!,Which%3F,just%20anyone%20can%20become%20endorsed.